Work from Home Inspiration, May

Work from Home Inspiration, MayOur newsletter is out today!

We thought you’d like an alternative to politics and election news.

Instead, have a far more cheering look at the work from home inspiration in our latest news.

A Facebook photograph of Ross Poldark looking at his accounts by candlelight at the Nampara parlour table gave me the idea for the post 5 things home workers can learn from Poldark. You may not be a mine owner, but nothing much has changed in business in the intervening centuries!

It’s good to hear about home working job opportunities, and Worldwide 101 are seeking skilled VAs to join their team. The role allows time for family and personal commitments, and team members can choose the clients they work for. Founder Sandra Lewis describes how VAs can have their cake and eat it.

Do you need to be a superhero to work from home? Emer McCourt has navigated her way through all the pitfalls to bring you her hard-won working from home tips from a wonder woman. Use them to power your way through your to do list – kerpow!

Spring is sprung, the grass is ris – and Garden Office Spotlight is back with three more recent builds. Something for everyone in this month’s selection, surely, with a pretty crafting studio, a kit that DIYers can assemble into a stylish room, and an industrial style office built for architects.

And finally, our survey is still open, with the aim of discovering who visits us, where you work, why you visit, and what you like about the blog. Many thanks to those of you who have already completed the 8 simple questions. It takes just a minute and your answers are anonymous. We’d love to get your feedback.

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We’ll be off to vote this afternoon before the leaving work rush starts. Yet another benefit of working from home, even if we only get to exercise it every few years!

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