Jabra Speak 410 USB Conference UC Speakerphone

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One of our reviewers is a trainer who conducts her business over Skype as well as in group sessions away from her home office. She was interested to find out how a conference speakerphone would help her.

Jabra Speak 410 USB Conference UC Speakerphone

Jabra Speak 410 USB Conference UC Speakerphone (standard version)

What is it?
It’s very simply a speaker that you plug into your computer/laptop.

Design ****
The Jabra Speak 410 conference speakerphone is a very neat and attractive round speaker/microphone that comes in a soft case. It’s smaller than my hand so perfect for putting in a bag to take to a training event. The cable is about 3 feet long, so plugs into my computer and sits on my desk easily. It even has a port for a headset.

How easy is it to set up & learn to use? *****
There were no instructions but it’s very simple. You plug in the usb and that’s it. There are clear symbols on the speaker for muting and changing volume.

Does it do what it claims? *****
I have tested the Jabra Speak 410 on Skype and as a speaker and it’s really a very good clear sound. For the first time I didn’t have to use a head set for Skype and I was heard clearly.

Quality ****
I think it’s great, it does all it needs to do very well.

Does it increase your productivity/ save you money, time or hassle? ****
It’s a great quality speaker so it’s good for small training events as it saves the cost of AV. The main thing is that now I feel confident with Skype I will do more Skype meetings and therefore travel less, saving me time and petrol.

Worth the investment? ****
I would say so, it’s coming in at around £60, so less expensive than some conference speakers.

Overall score **** 4.3

Best for
The Jabra Speak 410 is really good for anyone that needs to make Skype calls, or who runs or listens to webinars, or just needs a good quality microphone and speaker.

With thanks to ebuyer.com for supplying the sample speakerphone to our reviewer.

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