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5 things home workers can learn from Poldark

5 things home workers can learn from PoldarkSo did you watch it? The last episode last night?

Ever since I saw Ross Poldark working at his accounts at the kitchen table and then brooding over them in bed, I’ve been compelled to keep watching.

Purely to catch other instances of historical home working, of course.

The first series of the handsome captain and his red-haired wife may be over, but perhaps we can still draw some inspiration from the dramatic lives of the Poldarks:

1. Don’t stay at home for too long on your own. We all need to have a gallop along the cliff top from time to time. Get out of your home office regularly, even if your route lacks the scenic splendour of the Cornish coast. Best to do it before a blazing sunset though or you might be struck in mid-afternoon by the dreaded cabin fever.

2. Keep going till you find the copper. When things get tough or inspiration deserts you, it’s all too easy to get distracted by housework, impromptu snacks or unnecessary but more enjoyable jobs. Better to keep hacking at the rock face (with breaks, of course, as above) and soon you’ll hit that rich seam.

3. Don’t try and do it all alone. Ross Poldark joins forces with other mine owners to protect copper prices from the greedy Warleggans. Gather around you a group of other home workers with shared experience and concerns and you’ll all benefit from the company and moral support. A local Jelly is a less risky enterprise than a smelting company and requires much less capital.

4. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of sudden opportunities. It’s unlikely you’re going to spot a wreck in the locality, but a sunny day during the week when everyone else is at work can offer rich spoils in the form of renewed energy and inspiration. Creativity and ideas are more forthcoming in a liminal space, so don’t regard an afternoon in the park as wasted time.

5. When the going gets tough, get your top off. Well, maybe not literally, your cat or the other people in the coworking space might not be as impressed as the womenfolk of the UK have been by Captain Poldark’s pecs. Better perhaps to stick to a little metaphorical rolling up of sleeves.

Anyone had any sneaky rewatches on iPlayer over a coffee yet? Roll on series 2.

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  1. Brilliant! I knew there was a reason I kept watching

  2. Phew thank goodness – no spoilers 😉

    Just popping out for a gallop across the cliff tops, with my top off, to fill up with petrol at a quiet forecourt.

    I suspect you’ve been practising number 2 today!

  3. I haven’t even seen Poldark, so I’m obviously missing out! I do like the working at home connection though…can I still catch up on iPlayer?!?

  4. The shame is nobody in North America except a few like me who do what we are not supposed to do because they loved the last Poldark has seen the show so there is no point retweeting but this is great fun.

    • Thanks, Lloyd, I was hooked by the 70s series too, and it may have had something to do with me later falling in love with West Cornwall, and living there for seven years. I think I read somewhere that Poldark will be shown in the US in the not too distant future.

  5. Susan Beegel says:

    The new Poldark series will debut in the US in June 2015

  6. Fabulous post Judy from a fellow Poldark fan. I particularly loved your reference to Ross doing his accounts at the kitchen table (I’m an accountant!) 🙂

    • I enjoyed writing it, Karen, as you can probably tell! I was very sceptical about this new adaptation, having loved the original, but I was swept away in the end!

  7. Loved the connections Judy – thank you! I had a gallop along the cliffs this morning (viz a run through the woods) to good effect. Bit knackered now though!