Home office desks

A collection of readers’ home office desks shared on social media in various states of tidiness!

Home office desks

Home office desks - Menolly

‘This is Menolly, my trusty feline co-worker. (Menolly is the name of a character from a series of books I fell in love with when I was about 10). She died in August aged 17 and homeworking hasn’t really been the same since. Without her I think the first year of homeworking would have been quite a shock as I am very social and struggled with the sense of isolation. She would hop up to one of the office chairs with her special blanket on it and go to sleep next to me while I worked.’

Emma Jones, geek, environmentalist, homeworker

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Home office desks - Julie Hall's festive friendDo you decorate your workspace for Christmas? If so, we’d like to see! This handsome chap is keeping Julie Hall company over the festive season. ‘I think he’s supposed to be a reindeer,’ she says, ‘and if anyone wants to know what he’s in front of, it’s my sound absorber for recording as my office is like an echo chamber.’

Julie Hall, founder of Women Unlimited website, workshops, Thrive! annual conference and UK Business Clubs

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Home office desks - Jonathan Ward's cat

This is a picture I never thought I’d see – a cat who stays in her basket on a home office desk! Jonathan Ward says, ‘She has to have half a hour on the knee or keyboard and then she’s happy in the basket. Her name is Praline, or to be more exact it’s Praline van Kedisi Arkadas, and she is a Turkish Angora. As you can guess from a name like that she is a pedigree. In Turkey they are considered a national treasure, a fact she constantly reminds me of.’

Jonathan Ward, Ginger Horticulture, unusual home worker

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Home office desks - Christmas rush at Cottontails Baby

Depending on your business the run-up to Christmas can either be hectic or a frustrating period of winding down, as larger companies start to put off decisions until the New Year. If you work in retail you probably sympathise with Charlotte, who tweeted this photo after a run of Christmas fairs, saying ‘Oh crikey, very late to work this morning, and I can barely even see my desk…. Don’t really know where to start….’ Sadly it seems that Rudolph the home working rabbit hadn’t got round to tidying up in her absence.

Charlotte Evans, Cottontails Baby, classic toys and new baby gifts.

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Home office desks - Margaret Chamberlain's accounts

Have you started to think about doing your accounts yet? Margaret Chamberlain tweeted this photo of her paper-strewn desk with the message ‘Here is just another photo of a work from home drudge’s desk with accounts. Nearly done.’ I know that feeling. Last year was such a horrible experience it has inspired me to keep up-to-date and not have that mammoth task at the end of the year.

Margaret Chamberlain, children’s picture book illustrator, www.margaretchamberlain.co.uk.

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Home office desks - Simon Cooper's monitors

Another tweeted photo comes from Simon Cooper, who wonders whether he might be overdoing it a bit with his many monitors. But at least they must be producing some extra heat in this chilly weather.

Simon Cooper, architectural design consultant, www.scdc.biz

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Home office desks - Louise Rowe

This photograph was tweeted to me by Louise Rowe. It was taken using my patented ‘Instant Perfect Home Office’ technique – simply remove all extraneous items from the desk, place on floor, take photo, replace items. Louise says she is allergic to housework and nowhere near as tidy as the photo suggests.

Louise Rowe, stationery freak and accountant, www.figurate.co.uk