Overcoming Underearning

Overcoming Underearning: A Five-Step Plan to a Richer Life

by Barbara Stanny

Have you ever known exactly what you need to do to get more business – update your web site, do some marketing and so on – but found it impossible to get started?

That’s probably because your beliefs about money were blocking you, says Stanny. If you want to earn more, but you have a belief such as you don’t deserve to, you will end up sabotaging yourself. Sort out the beliefs and the action is easy.

Overcoming Underearning will provide many insights into your underlying beliefs about money and how much you’re worth. There are a number of quizzes in the book and I was horrified to see how many unhelpful habits and beliefs I have about money – but also pleased that I have plenty of qualities that will help me overcome them.

It’s reassuring to hear that changing the habits of a lifetime regarding money is going to feel uncomfortable. Change is not hard, says Stanny, but it is uncomfortable, so welcome the discomfort as a signal you’re moving in the right direction, rather than bouncing back into your old behaviour.

As Stanny says, her book is a hybrid – part book, part workbook and part journal. There are exercises to complete as you go and she recommends keeping a separate journal as well, to record your thoughts and feelings so you can look back and see the progress you’re making.

A good read with plenty of case studies. (Interesting to learn that the most common side effect of taking control over money is losing weight!)

I recommend Overcoming Underearning to anyone who feels they are stuck at a certain level with money and would like to move past it, who wants to get out of debt, or feels they should be charging more for their services.