Fellowes Professional Series Mesh Back Support

Reviewing kit for the home office – Fellowes Professional Series Mesh Back Support

Fellowes Professional Series Mesh Back SupportWhen you spend hours sitting in an office chair it’s vital your back has the right support. Our reviewer has had lower back problems so was pleased to try out something that might help.

Design *****
It looked so odd when it arrived, I couldn’t imagine how something curved that way could be comfortable for my back. Read on to find out how wrong I was…

This back rest is very sturdy looking, made of a wire mesh with a little ‘give’ in it. It’s black so will blend in with most professional office chairs. The memory foam sections provide some welcome cushioning.

Easy to use? *****
There was a product image with it to show how to attach to your chair, although it’s pretty simple to work out how the straps go anyway. My first try however was on one of my garden chairs as it arrived on a warm, sunny day (rare occurrence in the north of England) so I didn’t want to waste a moment of sun. It attached to the chair easily and I adjusted the lumbar memory foam support as low as possible as I’m a pretty small person.

When I initially sat back I felt a slight twinge in my lower back, which is where I have problems, but once I settled into position it felt very comfortable and certainly helped to maintain a more correct posture.

As it was cold again the next day I tried it on my high-back executive office chair. I had to lengthen the straps to get the right position over the back but that was easy to do. Working at my desk felt a lot better than usual, it was very comfortable to sit and seemed to be less pressure on my back.

Quality? ****
The Fellowes Professional Series Mesh Back Support felt well-made and as though it would stand up to regular use without problem. The memory foam supports were covered in a decent material that would last and the straps felt long-lasting too.

Worth the investment? *****
Yes, it is definitely worth the investment. Obviously I’ve only tried it for a week so far but I feel that it would certainly help improve my posture while sat at my desk all day.

Overall score ***** 4.75

Best for
Anyone who finds themselves sitting slumped over a desk all day; the curve of the back rest encourages you to adapt a more suitable posture and the memory foam supports are comfortable.

Buy your own Fellowes Professional Series Mesh Back Support.

With thanks to ebuyer.com for supplying a sample Fellowes Professional Series Mesh Back Support for our reviewer to try.

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