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Another home working style page

Home workers are such a stylish lot that another page is needed already! (Don’t miss the original home working style page).

Samantha in a go-outfit

Home working style Samantha Clarke Zukuri UnLtd‘Today I am wearing one of my go-outfits for a morning of client consultations and a virtual wardrobe consultation.

‘Its a beautiful floaty top with a little green belt for some definition and colour. Definitely need fabrics I can move in, that feel nice to be in and are breathable. It is paired with a pair of the most comfortable trousers I own from Zara (I have them in Navy too, true to my colour palette) they can be dressed up or down. I like many of the clothes in my wardrobe to be versatile and hard working to fit in with all the different facets of my life.

‘Due to the nature of my client calls today I will be using my whole body to demonstrate shape, fabrics and trouser lengths in a consultation so I generally always try to have an outfit that works head to to toe when working from home….although I almost never wear shoes at home ..lol. Each outfit has to show my personality every time so more often than not I’m in a lot of colour!

‘I love the fact that my outfit is multifunctional, suits my personality and can be versatile. If I had to go out for a last minute meeting it wouldn’t require more than a pair of shoes, a bit of makeup and I’m ready to go. If I was having a non client facing day the top would still be the same but perhaps an even more relaxed pair of trousers as no-one will be looking at my legs..lol!’
Samantha Clarke, Chief Creative Architect, Zukuri UnLtd, Personal Brand Architecture service

Does your accountant wear shoes like this?

Home working style - Rosie Slosek sequinned heels

And would you be worried if they did?

The post about the Dilemma of the Home Working Wardrobe generated lots of comments and tweets, including one from @aweebirdie who cautioned me against sequins! This resulted in Rosie Slosek, who provides bookkeeping support for one-man bands, telling me about her sequinned heels – and here they are.

How about this for decluttering success?

Home working style - Marisol's shelves
I’ve been talking about decluttering on the blog recently but due to problems loading photos I haven’t been able to post this. It shows the impressive results of Marisol’s marathon clearout of the home office from which she runs Caradiaz, selling gorgeous chunky jewellery. Just look at all those neatly arranged magazines. You can see Marisol’s equally tidy desk by scrolling down the Home Office page.

Marg shows how the many layers of home working can still look stylish

Home working style Margaret Chamberlain
On a cold, snowy day Marg says ‘I’d like to start a world record for the number of layers I’m wearing in a heated room. Thank goodness I lost some weight otherwise I’d get stuck in the doorway: 1 vest, 2 longsleeved tshirts (one in heat tech from Uniqlo) 1 thick jumper with a thick cardigan (both 100% pure new wool) silk scarf tucked in the neck. Long (Ralph Lauren) wool skirt (one of my fab NY bargains from several years ago), thick tights with thick leggings, socks and short boots.’
Can anybody beat that? Please send a pic, wide-angle if necessary!

Archangel in Frome

Archangel 'office' in Frome -  Home Working Style
Katy Duke sent this photo of ‘my “urban office” at Archangel, the newly refurbished pub, restaurant & hotel in the heart of old Frome. I love popping in here when I’m out & about in town meeting people for ‘Frome People’, where I’m the community publisher. Arguably the best coffee in town, the free wifi draws me in when I don’t really need to go back home to work.’

Free ebook for hassled home workers

Home Working Style More Me Time Heather Bestel

Heather Bestel is a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist who designs products to help adults and children live better, calmer and richer lives. This is the fresh and clear graphic for her free ebook, which does what it says on the tin!

The workhub owner

Home Working Style Gavin Eddy Old Church School
Gavin Eddy is the owner of The Old Church School and MD of Forward Space, a company setting up workspace complexes in regional towns around the South West of England. Everyone who goes to TOCS is blown away by the way it’s been renovated and the positive vibe of the place. We are so lucky in Frome in having a venue owner who completely gets the spirit of Jelly.

October Frome Jelly

Home Working Style Frome Jelly
Here are two thirds of the October Frome Jelly in a rare pensive mood. Normally we need to apologise for being so raucous! The photo was taken by Andy Britnell, and left to right are Louise Billington, moi, James Pearce and Katy Duke. Jennie Wood is displaying perfect Jelly manners by taking a mobile phone call outside our glass-walled room – what style!
Unfortunately you can’t really see the lime green Eames chairs. We’ll have to get a photo another time.

Coworking slippers

Jennie Wood's Slippers Home Working Styler
Workhub The Old Church School declares on its website that it doesn’t provide slippers ‘but feel free to bring your own’.
Jennie Wood took them at their word and brought in these beauties, VW camper vans only slightly smaller than the real thing!

Rebecca, workhub Office Manager

Home Working Style Rebecca The Old Chrirch School
This is Rebecca, Office Manager at The Old Church School in Frome, the venue for Frome Jelly, held on the third Wednesday of every month. Rebecca has a terrific sense of style and every time I see her I want to ask where she found her outfit! I love the vibrant graphics on the wall beside her.

Shedworker style

Alex Johnson Shedworking Home working style
Here is Alex Johnson of Shedworking fame again, this time looking dashing in his newly-acquired smoking jacket: ‘I’ve wanted one for years but it’s essentially a luxury as, hard as this may be to believe, I don’t really need one. And a £500 luxury is quite a luxury. But I’ve been keeping an occasional eye on ebay for a while just in case. Most of the jackets that come up there that purport to be smoking ones are nothing of the sort, however nice they may be, or if they are ‘proper’ ones then they’re too small. So I was delighted to see this one up a fortnight ago and rather than go through the hellish process of bidding, I just bought it outright for a fifth of the price of a new one. It is secondhand but in excellent condition, a burgundy velvet on the outside with green silk lining. It’s extremely warm and comfortable and I’ve already subbed The Independent using it. It’s really for social occasions with close friends in the evening, but I’ll certainly be using it for work.’

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