Jelly organiser’s checklist

Jelly organisers are busy people, with their own work and businesses to look after as well as planning events.

So I find organising Jelly is easier if I have a list of tasks to refer to so I don’t forget anything. This is my checklist, which I hope will be a useful base to start from. Yours may be different or have additional jobs.
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First steps

  • Find a venue – see ‘Where to hold Jelly’ in the How to start your own Jelly guide. Are there any workhubs or coworking spaces near you? They have a natural synergy as workhub owner Gavin Eddy explains in ‘The venue host’ section of the guide.
  • Set up a page for your location on the Jelly Wiki.
  • Start to spread the word on social media to gauge local interest and perhaps get suggestions for suitable venues.
  • Start to build an email list of people interested in coworking.
  • Consider a press release to local papers. You can adapt this template press release to your own requirements.

Getting organised

  • Create a Jelly booking page on Eventbrite or another similar site. You will be able to copy your first event for subsequent occasions.
  • Email your Jelly list, including a link to the booking page and the date booking will open.
  • Tweet about the forthcoming Jelly, including reasons why people should come along and a link to the booking page or other information.
  • Blog about events.
  • Ask your venue to also tweet/blog/add information to their newsletter/email their own list.

The day before

Biscuits for Jelly

  • Send a welcoming email to those who have booked, repeating essential information such as directions, refreshment arrangements etc.
  • Prepare a flipchart/large sheet of paper with login and password details, hashtags and attendees’ Twitter names
  • Prepare your Jelly kit – flipchart/paper and Blutack, extra sockets, mugs, biscuits etc

After Jelly

  • Update your Wiki
  • Add new attendees’ names to your email list

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