Xenta Electronic Security Safe

Reviewing kit for the home office – Xenta Electronic Security Safe

Where do you put precious bits and pieces so you know they will still be in the same place when you need them? Or documents you want to keep private if your home office doubles up as a bedroom for visitors?

A member of our review panel tested the Xenta Electronic Security Safe:

The Xenta Electronic Security SafeWhat is it?
The Xenta Electronic Security Safe is similar to the kind of safe you find in hotel rooms.

Design ****
It’s a very traditional looking, grey metal safe box about the size of two shoe boxes. It’s light enough to carry around, but a tough structure which feels very secure.

Easy to use? *****
The safe was simple to set up, a process of no more than 10 minutes. The product came with the required 4 AA batteries, and 2 sets of keys which need to be stored apart for obvious security.

The setting up of a secure code – 4 to 10 digits – was easy, and to open the safe it’s just an entering of the code and an accept button; turn the handle and you’re in.

Quality? ****
The safe feels solid and secure. The handle which locks and opens the safe is plastic, but feels robust enough to cope.

Worth the investment? ****
At £39.99 I would suggest this is worth it to keep valuables safe. As mentioned, the safe is light enough to easily carry so anyone desperate for those valuables could simply take the whole thing away if they found it. However as a practical product I would be happy to spend this money.

Overall score **** 4.25

Buy your own Xenta Electronic Security Safe.

With thanks to ebuyer.com for supplying a sample Xenta Electronic Security Safe for our reviewer to try.

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