Jelly events

Jelly events


Jelly Logo - casual get togethers for homeworkers & freelancersThis section of the website is devoted to Jelly.

It’s a comprehensive resource for anyone thinking of attending Jelly or of setting up a new group.

It’s been used by groups all over the world.

See two attendees talk about their experiences on Jelly for Home Workers.

Read an interview with coworking pioneer Lee Cottier about the appeal of coworking on Coworking for Home Workers and Freelancers.

To find your nearest group, visit Find a Jelly and click on Location Search. (Not all groups register their details here, so also try googling ‘Jelly’ with the name of your town. And ask on Twitter – you can get answers to just about anything by tweeting!)

If there is no group already up and running near you, why not set up your own? It’s very straightforward and lots of people have done it, many using my How to Start Your Own Jelly guide.

Working for a workhub and want to offer a space for a group to meet? You don’t want it to be perceived as a cynical marketing stunt, which is why I wrote Jelly for Workhubs so you get off on the right footing with the local home business community.

There’s also a Jelly Organiser’s Checklist so to get everything done in the right order, with samples of emails and tweets.

Wondering what to expect at your first event?
Attending Jelly provides ideas from people who have not only attended but achieved some pretty impressive results there as well.

To educate attendees, you might like to use the tweets on the Jellyquette page in the run-up to your new group.

Having run a group for a year or two, an organiser is often so busy that they have to pass it on to someone else. If you’re in this position, check out Pass Jelly Forward.

And you can read all coworking and Jelly blog posts collected together in one place. You’re welcome 🙂