How to keep warm – Turtle Doves fingerless gloves

How to keep warm working from home

How to keep warm is a major concern of home workers in these days of rising fuel prices. Hands get particularly cold and it’s hard to type wearing gloves. So we tested a pair of fingerless gloves made by Turtle Doves, a home business in Shropshire.

Turtle Doves fingerless gloves

Work from Home Wisdom how to keep warm reviews - Turtle Doves fingerless gloves Design *****
Turtle Doves fingerless gloves/wristwarmers are recycled from jumpers and so the colour varies depending on availability – there’s a large choice on the website. The sample was dark grey, a perfect colour for the winter home working wardrobe.
They are long, extending up the arm and so there is no chilly gap between glove and cuff as you type. They have a hole for the thumb and are nicely finished with a doubled-over cuff over the fingers.

Well-made ****
Yes, they are neatly sewn, with a dark red Turtle Doves label on one glove. Just one thread on a thumb that needed snipping off.

Practical *****
Kate, the owner of the business, says that the idea is to wear them all day on your wrists and then pull them up onto your hands when you need the extra warmth. This way you keep your wrists warm (which helps keep the whole of you warmer) and you never lose or forget your gloves.
But being a chilly body, I wore them pulled up over my hands all the time. With care you can even wear them like that in the kitchen when you’re making your home working coffee and snacks. You can type, file and do anything else in the home office and they don’t get in the way.

Efficient ****
They keep my wrists and palms warm, and I wore them pulled further over my fingers than shown in the photo so that only the ends of my fingers were peeking out.

Economical *****
Turtle Doves fingerless gloves cost £12, or £17 for cashmere, which compares well with gloves I’ve seen on the high street. Plus you have the satisfaction of knowing you are doing your bit for sustainability.
Your postage is charged by the weight of the parcel and Turtle Doves ‘try really hard to only charge what it costs us. We are also very happy for you to collect where possible.’ How refreshing.

Overall score 4.6 *****

Best for
Home workers of either sex – Turtle Doves fingerless gloves are available for men as well – who are on the computer a lot.

Thank you to Kate from Turtle Doves for supplying us with a pair of fingerless gloves for our How to Keep Warm reviews – it’s great to review a useful product for home workers that is made by a home business.
(Turtle Doves was suggested by Kay Heald, a home working HR expert who is a fan).

How to keep warm this winter – buy Turtle Doves fingerless gloves and other recycled products from their website.
Turtle Doves can also be found at Shrewsbury indoor market and other markets and events further afield.

Work from Home Wisdom - how to keep warm

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