Work from Home Wisdom disclosure

We believe in being honest and open about the income we receive from the blog.

Posts on the blog

As well as our own posts we publish two different kinds of contributions on the blog:

  • Guest posts written by home workers wishing to share their experience with the community, which we publish free of charge.
  • Sponsored posts from companies and organisations who wish to showcase their products and services to a home working audience. These are subject to a fee and published in accordance with Google guidelines and advertising codes of practice.

We make clear in the introduction to each post which kind of content you’re reading. There is more information about this in Sponsored posts.


If an item has been supplied to us for review free of charge, the supplier is mentioned and thanked in the review.

Affiliate links

Our Amazon links are mainly to books and also to some of the products we have reviewed.

There may also be affiliate links in some posts. What this means is that if you click on the links and go on to buy something, we receive a very small percentage of the purchase price. (You pay the same amount whether you click on the affiliate link or go straight to the site).

These small commissions help towards the expenses of running the blog.