Ally Capellino for Tate satchel

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Ally Capellino for Tate satchel

Ally Capellino for Tate satchel

Design *****
A classic satchel that is part of the range designed for the Tate (gallery) Shop by British designer Ally Capellino. The range is inspired by the things an artist might need and includes aprons, bags and pencil cases made of cotton canvas.

It’s a bit of a twist on the original bag which was a stone colour with brown leather. I’ve worn two of those to death, and it’s nice to have a change with this light grey satchel with black leather trims and a brilliant orange lining. The lining is great as you can see what’s in there more easily.

It has two zippered pockets that are good for keys, business cards and a smartphone. I particularly like the orange logo patch which is only visible when you open the bag.

Capacity ****
The Ally Capellino for Tate satchel is a very stylish and practical bag if you are going to a meeting or a coworking office where you don’t require massive computer power. A tablet nowadays is often good enough for most gigs.

The satchel is too small for a laptop, but will easily take a tablet and a smartphone. So I usually carry my laptop separately in a small portfolio case.

There’s a rucksack in the same range that will take a laptop if that’s important for you.

Well-made? *****
These bags last well and look even better once they have been worn in. The high-grade materials of cotton canvas and leather trim means this bag is very durable.

Does your stuff feel secure? ****
It’s quite lightweight so you may feel you want a cover for your tablet and a protective cover for your phone.

Ally Capellino for Tate satchel - liningEasy to carry *****
The canvas over shoulder strap is thick and wide so that it doesn’t dig in and feels very comfortable. The strap is adjustable to suit your length and how you like to wear it. Hip or thigh!

Price *****
At £50 this bag is a bargain compared to the bags in Ally Capellino’s own range, in which a waxed canvas satchel costs £155.

And it’s a great deal compared to similar styles I’ve seen in chain stores that don’t have leather straps. I think it is exceptionally well-priced for such stylish design and quality of workmanship.

Overall score 4.7 *****
Although this doesn’t cut the mustard for a laptop, I’m still giving it almost full marks since I love the design and it holds enough for most casual meetings.

Best for
Good investment for a home worker or freelancer who likes a stylish bag to carry around for quick meetings with clients or business partners. Particularly a creative who will appreciate its design credentials.

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