Insights personality profiles and types of home worker

Insights personality profile – what kind of home worker are you?

How can an Insights personality profile help you? The key to working successfully from home is understanding yourself and being able to adapt your work routine to suit your personality and situation.  A good way to start is by completing an Insights Discovery personality profile, which will help you to better respond to the demands of working from home.

insights personality profile - colour energies

The Insights personality profile does this by identifying your strengths and areas for development, your communication and decision-making styles and possible blind spots. It can also include information on your management style and how you like to be motivated.

There is also an effective selling chapter to help you understand the sales process, something many home workers struggle with. It shows you a well-defined structure for selling and identifies your preferences in this process. You may be brilliant at building rapport but not so good at closing the sale!

Often when someone gets their profile they say say something like ‘Have you been talking to my mother?’ It’s a safe and effective way of developing more self awareness. And as someone once said ‘If we knew what made us tick… we wouldn’t get so wound up!’

The colour and description of each energy is not accidental – each helps to identify and describe that energy and the behavioural preferences a person might have. The diagram above will give you more idea about where you and others sit around the Insights Wheel.

The left side of the Wheel shows the two energies which tend towards introversion, Earth Green and Cool Blue, which means they draw their energy from inside. The right side shows the more extrovert energies, Sunshine Yellow and Fiery Red, who gain energy from other people.

Judy Heminsley runs a training and coaching practice with her partner Andy Britnell, who is a licensed practitioner for Insights, the global learning and development organisation whose personality profiles are used by blue chip companies all over the world.

Andy’s website has much more information on Insights personality profiles and you can buy your own profile, followed by 30 minutes telephone coaching with Andy.

What colour energy do you think you are and how does that affect the way you work from home?