Cyber Clean Touch Screen Cleaner

Cyber Clean Touch Screen CleanerWhat is it?
Cyber Clean Touch Screen Cleaner is a pen-like tool containing antiseptic cleaning solution to help eliminate germs, as well as restore a shop shine to your smartphone or tablet screen.

Smart and clever design. It comes in white or black so you can match it to your favourite device, and has an optional tablet clip.

How do you use it?
You can use the fibre pad on the side of the pen on its own, or twist the top and spray the cleaning liquid from the top of the pen onto the screen if it’s covered in finger marks, and use the pad to spread the cleaning solution. There’s also a carbon stylus for getting into grooves and buttons.

Does it work?
Yes, our phone screens were beautifully shiny after use, as were the metal edges of my old iPhone4, and the screens were smooth to the touch again. Although of course if you haven’t used a screen protector, any scratches will show up more when the surface is clean.

Good value?
The Cyber Clean Touch Screen Cleaner comes with three refills that each has up to 320 applications, so it will last a long time.

The instruction leaflet advises you to consult a doctor if irritation occurs, so it’s not for those with sensitive skin. And as with any cleaning product, you do need to keep it away from children.

Overall score 4.5 *****

Best for
occasionally cleaning up well-used tablet and smartphone screens. Ideal if you’re attending a meeting and want your kit to look smart, or selling or passing on an old device!

With thanks to Cyber Clean for sending a sample Touch Screen Cleaner for review.

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