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SwissGear Pegasus 17″ Backpack

Work from Home Wisdom laptop bag reviews - SwissGear Pegasus 17" Backpack

Design ***
The SwissGear Pegasus laptop bag is a rugged, bulky, piece of kit. If it hadn’t been labelled as laptop bag, it would not be out of place in a camping/hiking shop. I would not describe the Pegasus as stylish, but certainly practical. However, for me the bag has too much bulk for use in a business environment and I would not use it if trying to keep a smart appearance.

Capacity *****
The label states a capacity of 23 litres, and I won’t argue with that. With 3 defined deep storage areas, and a further 3 smaller pockets, the bag has an abundance of zips and sections for holding the laptop and more. I happily fitted an A4 ring binder, magazines, chargers, as well as the laptop and change of clothes during use on an overnight stay.

Well-made *****
The bag is of good quality. It has a ergonomic handle, shock absorbing shoulder straps, air flow back padding, and stabilisation platforms. It comes from the maker of the genuine Swiss Army Knife, and it feels it; a robust bag, sturdy to the extreme.

Does your laptop feel secure? *****
Yes. The bag is well padded and delicate contents will not come to any harm in this Pegasus.

Easy to carry ****
With adjustable shoulder straps and reinforced handle, this bag is secure to hold. The bag though feels heavy even when empty.

Price ****
£59.99 – The bag is good value for the capacity, sturdiness and protection is offers. As a laptop bag I wouldn’t buy the Pegasus myself as it is cumbersome, and more than is required. However, for other uses I’m sure it would be a good purchase.

Overall score 4.3 ****

Best for
An overnight business stay, or abandon the laptop and take it on a 20 mile hike across the Mendips.

Thank you to SwissGear for supplying us with a SwissGear Pegasus backpack for our laptop bag reviews.

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Work from Home Wisdom - laptop bag reviews

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