Coffee maker reviews for home workers – moka pot

Coffee maker reviews – best for a home working break

Coffee making is the most popular reason for home workers to take a break, and we’re often fanatical about how we make it and how we drink it. The following coffee maker reviews have been carried out by home workers with that purpose in mind.

Moka pot

Good design *****

The moka pot is a classic Italian design with just three components – the base that holds water, a funnel shaped compartment for the coffee that sits on it, and the top that collects the brewed coffee and screws onto the base. Looks good and works well.

Easy to use ****

Until you’re used to a moka pot, it’s best to measure your water out of a mug so you don’t put in too much, which will leak into the funnel-shaped coffee holder. Some people might baulk a little at having to switch on the hob. And I’m told that although you can use them on both gas and electric hobs, they’re not suitable for induction hobs. You need to be careful not to heat up the handle. And don’t open the lid of the moka pot while the coffee is brewing or it might spray out over you or the cooker.

Pleasant to use/nice ritual as break from home working *****

Very satisfying somehow, feels more elemental than many coffee makers.

Easy to clean ****

Let it cool, tap coffee into the compost or bin. Apparently you should never put it in the dishwasher, which could spoil the finish. Or wash it either in the dishwasher or with washing up liquid, as this removes the thin greasy layer of coffee that protects your coffee from the aluminium sides of the moka pot, and results in a metallic taste. Instead it’s recommended to clean with hot or boiling water only.

Economical to use ****

A 3 cup moka pot starts at around £10 – but we’re talking tiny espresso cups here. A 6 cup would be the right size for this 2 home worker household that likes a generous mug. Once you’ve got it it should last for years.

Quality of coffee *****

Great taste, good caffeine kick. Also very good topped up with milk for a longer drink.

Overall stars 4.5 *****

Best for

the coffee connoisseur who wants a good strong kick from their coffee, and enjoys the tactile experience of brewing, enhanced with a little danger!

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