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Eleven 5* customer reviews on Amazon:

‘What we’ve all been waiting for’
‘What an invaluable work from home book…It covers absolutely everything’
‘I know I’ll dip in and out of this book again and again and really use it as a ‘bible’ for my business. Totally brilliant!’
‘I highly recommend this book to anyone running a home based business’
‘I was so impressed by it, I bought lots more for expat home workers here in France…My copy is well thumbed, full of highlighted passages and notes, and is constantly on my desk’
‘I thoroughly recommend this book to anyone working from home…It really is that good’
‘This is an incredibly useful and readable book that is packed with top tips and anecdotes’

Work from Home helps you to:

  • Adapt home working to suit your personality
  • Assess whether your job could be done from home and how to approach your boss
  • Start thinking of ways to start your own business
  • Develop your own routine and be productive throughout the day
  • Be professional even if you work from the kitchen table
  • Deal with the challenge of isolation
  • Balance work and home commitments
  • Cope in a crisis

Reviews of Work from Home Book

‘I wish I’d had Judy’s book when I started working from home 20 years ago. She provides a down-to-earth and practical step-by-step guide for you to maximise the benefits of working from your home, whether you run your own business or work for someone else.’
Nick Williams, author of the bestseller The Work We Were Born To Do and co-founder of

‘Judy Heminsley explores this whole business of working from home, from the legal aspects that you may have to consider through to the question of what kind of business persona you can project from an at-home office. Usefully, she includes a checklist of questions which, if you answer them honestly, will tell you whether you are the type of person who will work well at home. Anyone seriously considering pursuing their writing career at home would do well to read what Judy Heminsley has to say.’
Writing Magazine

Work from Home is encyclopaedic in scope, with well considered and intelligent advice on almost every subject a home worker might trip over, from running a business to household politics. Heminsley suggests dipping into the book as and when needed. But it is quite genuinely a compelling read, including some captivating sections on personality types and thoroughly worthwhile tips for making your preferred working hours productive.’

‘She helps you assess just how suitable you are to the potentially lonely and self-disciplined life of a home worker. She explains how employees can negotiate a home working contract and targets her advice to all home businesses from running a B&B to self employed builders. She should know; she has been a home worker for 20 years.’
Home Business Network supplement in the Daily Telegraph

Work from Home Book Contents

Part 1 Sounds Like a Nice Idea
Chapter 1 Why work from home?
Chapter 2 Will working from home work for me?
Chapter 3 Can I make money at home?

Part 2 Making It Happen

Chapter 4 How do I create my perfect workspace?
Chapter 5 Can I be productive at home?
Chapter 6 What about my professional image?

Part 3 Secrets of Success

Chapter 7 Won’t I feel isolated?
Chapter 8 How do I separate work and home?
Chapter 9 What if there’s a crisis?

Buy the Work from Home book from or

Or order from your local bookshop – it will only take a couple of days.