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How to keep warm working from home

How to keep warm is a major concern of home workers in these days of rising fuel prices. So we tested a clever new invention, the Snuglin.

The Snuglin

Work from Home Wisdom - how to keep warm - Snuglin

What is it?
A Snuglin is a fleece-covered cushion containing a low voltage heater that plugs into a socket. It has a pocket you can put your hands into to warm them up.

Design ****
My sample is red spotted fleece like the photo, and you can also get white spots, checks, or leopard or zebra print fur. Having shown it to home workers and coworkers at my local coworking space, the first reaction is amusement because it has to be said that initially a Snuglin looks like an old person’s aid.

Well-made *****
Yes, nicely put together, good quality fleece fabric with neat seams. The components are easily put together and the heater comes out so you can wash the cushion.

Practical *****
The cable is over 3 metres long so you should be able to reach a socket easily.
You can put the Snuglin on your lap and easily type around it, and pop your hands into the pocket to warm up when you’re reading back over what you’ve written. Or put it in the small of your back or rest your feet on it.
Freezing fingers are a common problem when you’re on the computer all day – you can take the heater out of the cushion and position it on the desk to blow warm air over your hands.
It makes a gentle humming noise you can easily tune out. Or if there’s noise in the environment it’s quite good at neutralising it so it’s not as distracting.
It would also be good for female aches and pains and anyone who’s a bit achy and stiff. You can use it in your bed too, so it could become this winter’s constant companion.
After the first reaction of amused scepticism I find that people soon pinch it off me and are reluctant to give it back!

Efficient *****
The Snuglin quickly warms up and then stays at a cosy temperature. There is something very comforting and mood-enhancing about it. It kept me pretty warm all over during chilly autumn weather and I found I was reluctant to get up from the desk and put it down – so an aid to productivity as well as warmth!
We haven’t had any really cold weather yet, and it’s not meant to replace central heating, but the Snuglin would be a good way to avoid getting that horrible frozen to the bone feeling that comes with hours sitting still.

Economical ****
Snuglins cost £44.95 or £49.95, depending on fabric. Standard UK delivery is £4.95. The best part is that a Snuglin costs about 1p an hour to run so you could cut heating bills considerably.

Overall score 4.6 *****

Best for
This is a handy warming device for any home worker, male or female. Just be careful, as you’ll probably find it’s purloined by other family members and disappears from your home office!

Thank you to Trappeng Ltd for supplying us with a Snuglin for our How to Keep Warm reviews.

How to keep warm this winter – buy a Snuglin

Work from Home Wisdom - how to keep warm

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