Coffee maker reviews

Coffee maker reviews – best for a home working break

Work from Home Wisdom coffee maker reviewsThe coffee maker reviews in this section have all been carried out by busy home workers in need of a caffeine boost.

We hope they will help you choose the right coffee making equipment.

Whether you want a quick cuppa without too much thought.

Or are a coffee connoisseur who will only accept the best!

Working from home fosters many little rituals that break up the day. Rituals that provide a breathing space, and an opportunity to use some favourite bits and pieces. And of course, to refuel and give a boost to the brain cells.

One of the most important of these rituals is the making and drinking of coffee, as I’m constantly being told by home workers!

Our coffee maker reviews start with simple equipment that only needs a kettle or a hob to heat the water – perfect for a quick break from home working.

And then we go on to more complicated and expensive machines that you wouldn’t want to invest in unless you were sure they’d deliver what they promise.

Find out what our panel made of each method. You may be surprised at the results – more expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better coffee or a slicker routine.

Coffee maker reviews:

Aerobie Aeropress espresso makerBodum Brazil cafetiereFilter cone

Moka pot

Bosch TassimoNescafe Dolce Gusto GenioDe’Longhi Pump Espresso Machine

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