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Office product reviews – best kit for the home office

It’s important to choose the best tools for maximum productivity when you work from home, but it can be tricky to decide what is the right purchase. A home business owner tested whiteboard paint on the wall of her home office.

Smart Wall Paint whiteboard paint

Smart Wall Paint wall

What is it?
Smart wall Paint is paint which turns any wall into a whiteboard which you can write on with normal whiteboard pens. It comes in clear and coloured shades. We used the clear one so that it did not stand out from the current off-white wall colour.

How easy is it to use? *****
Not being any good at DIY of any shape or form we booked in our usual decorator to come and do the work. Because it’s a clear finish that needs to be super smooth to write on I didn’t want to risk any drips and runs so best to get someone in who is used to painting walls.

Having said that the box comes with everything you need in terms of roller, tray, gloves and sanding block as well as primer. So if you are used to decorating this should be no problem doing yourself. Just add your own protective cover.

Our decorator also bought an additional brush to do the corners with the primer before he got going with the roller. To be honest we probably didn’t need to primer- it all depends on your wall surface. We were working on a well finished painted wall.

The most ‘complicated’ bit was accurately measuring out the various wall areas we wanted to cover to make sure we didn’t exceed the surface area it was designed to cover.

Smart Wall PaintOnce applied simply wait 5 days and you are ready to go. The kit even came with a marker pen and cleaning cloth. Though I find that baby wipes (Huggies Pure to be precise, as they don’t have any lotion or scent) work the best in terms of easily cleaning the wall.

Does it do what it claims? *****
Yes absolutely. It was very low odour in the days we waited for it to dry and once ready a pleasure to write on. The surface is silky soft so marker pens glide on easily. We now have 2 large walls in the office covered and use it everyday for planning, brainstorming and noting goals and to dos.

Quality *****
The finish is flawless and works exactly as expected.

Does it increase your productivity/ save you money, time or hassle? *****
Being able to freely plan and brainstorm large scale is great. So much better than using paper or hanging a whiteboard up – these are invariably very corporate looking with functional metallic frames and even the largest ones aren’t that big and hugely expensive. Because our office is a home space we like being able to clean the walls and not being left looking at an ugly whiteboard.

I sometimes also photograph to keep a record so we can erase and keep working. Also in case our youngest comes in gets creative with the areas he can reach.

Worth the investment? *****
Smart Wall Paint kits are £99 for 2m2 and £179 for 6m2.
I have no problem at all spending on this and would happily extend into the rest of the house to give the kids their own space.

Overall score ***** 5
Five stars. Just love it.

Best for
Home-based business owners who want to make the most of available wall space to plan and get organized. For people who like to be creative and visual with their planning. Leave the Post It notes and scraps of paper behind and start planning large scale!

With thanks to Smarter Surfaces for supplying the kit for review, and to Francesca Geens of Digital Dragonfly for carrying out the review. Francesca has also reviewed IdeaPaint whiteboard paint for us.

Buy a Smart Wall Paint kit for your home office.

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