Scaramanga leather shopper tote bag

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Scaramanga leather shopper tote bag

Scaramanga leather shopper tote bag

Design *****
A simple, large, rectangular tote bag with a leather hanging pocket inside. Little straps snap together over the top to stop the bag gaping.

The distressed finish looks good with any outfit, particularly black, white or denim.

The bag comes with a silky dustbag, a nice touch, but I doubt this bag is going to spend much time in the cupboard! And also with a large postcard that explains Scaramanga’s ethical policy and how to look after your bag. So I was predisposed to like it before even looking too closely at the bag!

Capacity *****
Much more spacious than the average tote bag, which tend to be longer than they are wide, or portrait, while this is landscape! It comfortably holds files and folders without making them dogeared, and even the largest laptop would fit in with a cover on, with lots of room for other bits and pieces.

The Scaramanga leather shopper tote bag would make a very stylish bag for anyone who has to carry promotional material to presentations, training equipment to a course, or samples to shops.

Well-made? *****
You can see and feel that this is well-made. It’s good quality leather and the rivets holding on the handles are sturdy and well-applied.

Does your stuff feel secure? *****
I’d say the leather is substantial enough to protect a laptop in a cover, as long as you don’t mind carrying it around in an open-topped bag. But this isn’t designed as a laptop bag, it’s a bag that can be used for lots of purposes apart from carting around stuff for work.

It would make an ideal weekend bag to put in the back of the car. (Not for planes or trains where bags are thrown around or have to be put in sideways). Shoes and sponge bags fit nicely in the bottom, with clothes rolled up on top. Or carrying all your clobber and a picnic to the beach, as the sand would just add to its appearance!

Easy to carry *****
The straps are wide enough not to cut into your hands, and a good length – not so long that the bag trails on the ground if carried by someone short, but long enough to fit over your shoulder if you get fed up with carrying it.

Price *****
Compared to any old tote bag the Scaramanga leather shopper tote bag is not cheap, but unlike most it’s made entirely of leather – lots of leather due to its size. So I think £110 is fair, especially as it’s going to last for years without wearing out and will look better and better the more bashed it gets.

Overall score 5 *****
I don’t normally give full marks because there’s usually room for improvement, but I can’t think of any reason to mark this down in any way.

Best for
Good investment for a female home worker who likes a stylish bag to carry papers about and will get plenty of use out of it by using it as an overnight bag too.

Thank you to Scaramanga for supplying us with a Scaramanga leather shopper tote bag for our bag reviews.

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