Home workers

Connecting home workers

The best part of running this blog is that it brings us into daily contact with so many talented and interesting home workers.

And we love the fact that the blog then connects them with other home workers, often leading to rewarding relationships.

Because many of of our posts have been contributed by home workers who have written about a personal experience.

Recently we heard how Sarah Cruickshank got as far as attending interviews before deciding that going back to employment wasn’t the answer for her after all.

And Nicola Yeeles’ 6 tips for new home workers, written after her first few months of freelancing at home, has been very well received.

Home workers also generously share their expertise for the benefit of the community. Corrina Gordon-Barnes teaches marketing to solo business owners, and her post 3 ways to handle ‘Do you do discounts’ went down a storm.

As did 5 great excuses for not marketing your home-based business by Jo Bradshaw who ‘teaches marketing and branding to people who don’t like marketing or branding’.

They understand your fears and challenges because they’ve felt them too, and found ways to get over them.

Do you have an experience or some expertise you’d like to share with other home workers?

Don’t be shy, get in touch and we’ll explain how easy it is to become a guest author.

Home workers - Rosie Slosek's sequinned heels

And in the meantime, you can see why working from home doesn’t necessarily mean living in pyjamas in Home working style.

And be uplifted by the experiences shared in Working from home inspiration.

Here there is a wealth of information from shared by home workers from tips on writing your first book, to running a business and working from home when you have a disability or chronic illness.

Plus posts from thought leaders such as Barbara Winter and Nick Williams on their own struggles with self-employment and home working, amd much more besides.