Organize Your Home Office for Success

Organize Your Home Office for Success – Expert Strategies That Can Work for You

by Lisa Kanarek

I know Lisa Kanarek, the American home office expert, through Twitter, and frequently post articles from her site on my Facebook page. So I knew when she told me a new and improved edition of her book Organize Your Home Office for Success was coming out that it would be worth a look.

Her expertise is in creating functional home offices to suit the different needs of her clients, and I don’t think anyone knows more about effective office organisation than Lisa!

The text is brightened with a colourful Post It notes design (sulk, that’s what I wanted for mine!) and covers everything from the basics for prospective home workers – deciding where in the house to put your home office and what to put in it – to getting your filing thoroughly organised and your time efficiently managed. It will help you set up a home office you enjoy working in and efficient systems that will increase your productivity.

Lisa’s down-to-earth and succinct advice also covers subjects I don’t often see elsewhere such as home working with children and pets and sharing a home office with your spouse.

Personally I think it would be a great partner to my own book for any home worker! Like to check Lisa out before buying? Have a look at her blog