Texet MC146CD micro cut shredder

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Having the best tools makes sense when you work from home and can’t afford to lose time or money, but with so much choice it can be difficult to decide what to buy. We tested the Texet MC146CD micro cut shredder.

Texet MC146CD micro cut shredder

Texet MC146CD micro cut shredder
What is it?
A shredder that shreds up to six sheets of A4 at a time, also shreds credit cards and cuts up CDs or DVDs.

Design ****
Nice, modern, curved design, looks smart and neat. Good to have a clear bin so you can see how full it is. It will hold the shredding from 150 sheets of A4 so you don’t have to empty it often. The bin is easy to remove and empty, and there’s a separate compartment that collects cut-up pieces of CD/DVD so you don’t have to fish them out of the shredded paper (see video below).

How easy is it to set up & learn to use? *****
Very straightforward, just read the safety precautions and easy to follow instructions. There’s also a guide stuck on the front of the shredder bin.

Does it do what it claims? *****
Exactly – easily shreds 6 sheets. We didn’t have a credit cards to shred, but a CD was cut up effortlessly.

Quality ****
Good quality piece of gear.

Does it increase your productivity/save you money, time or hassle? *****
The Texet MC146CD micro cut shredder cuts up A4 sheets into 2300 pieces, apparently 3×9 mm so excellent for getting rid of old receipts, bills and bank statements and protecting your data and identity. And great for the compost to soak up all that garden waste!

Bear in mind that if you use continously for longer than two minutes it might overheat and stop, but that is common for most shredders of this type.

Worth the investment? ****
At £50 it’s more expensive than lots of shredders, but we’ve owned one of those and we had to feed every piece of paper in separately and it quickly overheated and ground to a halt.

Worth the investment if you’re running your own business and want to get rid of paperwork quickly and efficiently.

Some thoughts for improvements – a great idea to have castors to trundle it around, as it’s an item you will probably want to keep out of the way and use every so often. But it doesn’t roll forwards or backwards very well, although sideways is no problem.

It would be useful to have handles to pick it up, and a cable longer than a metre.

Overall score ***** 4.5

Best for
Small businesses and home use, to get rid of confidential information and guard against identity fraud.

With thanks to ebuyer.com for supplying a sample Texet MC146CD micro cut shredder for us to review.

Buy the Texet MC146CD micro cut shredder from ebuyer.com.

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