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This home working style

page was conceived to showcase stylish homeworkers after the huge response I received in comments and on Twitter to the post Home working wardrobe. It is clear that working from home doesn’t mean you don’t care about what you wear, as the pyjamas all day stereotype suggests.

The page is also inspired by The Sartorialist, a blog I have followed for the last few years since finding it by happy accident in the fashion pages of a newspaper. Scott Schuman photographs stylish ‘ordinary’ people spotted on the streets of New York, where he lives, and in the other cities around the world that he visits to view the latest fashion collections. He also takes pictures of shop fronts, interiors and any other details that catch his eye.

Home working style

reflects all aspects of home working life. We’re starting with clothes, hats, books and a cafe and welcome your contributions, either to judy@workfromhomewisdom.com or via Twitter

Emma Windsor

Home working Style - Emma WindsorEmma Windsor is a VA who lives in Bradford-on-Avon, near Bath in Somerset: ‘I like to get dressed up for work. OK so I don’t wear a suit, unless I’m going out for a meeting, but I do like to feel like I am going to work and put on trousers, skirts, shirts and high heels! Putting on smart clothes puts me in the right frame of mind. I like to separate work and pleasure.’

I think this is Emma channelling Miss Moneypenny – all crisp efficiency – who incidentally used to live in the house we currently live in – the actress Lois Maxwell anyway. There are plans afoot to put up a plaque commemorating the great lady.

Suave Shedworker

Home working style - Alex Johnson's hat

You can see from the way he tries out suitably raffish expressions to go with his new hat that Alex Johnson takes his style responsibilities seriously. Rightly so as style arbiter of sheds and all things shedlike in his blog Shedworking, a collection of places to work in the garden from the most utilitarian shed to the most glamorous garden office. It’s the ideal resource if you’re planning a home office away from the house or if you just like to dream.

Shedworking: The Alternative Workplace Revolution
Alex’s book Shedworking: The Alternative Workplace Revolution is packed with pictures of sheds from around the world and stories of famous shed workers, and has been given rave reviews.

San the Man

@judyheminsley Here I am - ol' scruff bags #watercoolerm... on TwitpicThis is already a familiar face to many home workers, who know San Sharma from the virtual coffee break #watercoolermoment he leads every weekday at 11 am for Enterprise Nation. San calls himself a scruffbag, but no sign of pyjamas here, and full marks for the hair. Maybe this was Webcam Wednesday?


Home working Style - Emma Windsor
And here’s Emma looking more casual but still very business-like. I’m so grateful to Emma for sending me her pictures and giving us a start to the page. I’d like to feature the whole spectrum of home working life, so don’t feel you have to dress up – if you work in wellies and overalls, that’s what we’d like to see! Some of Scott Schuman’s most striking pictures are of decorators, cleaners and workmen who have added a personal touch to their uniforms.

Ironbridge cafe

Home working style: David Wike

Business development expert David Wike spotted this family of pigs enjoying some light refreshments in the window of Truffles (!) Cafe in Ironbridge. You can read his thoughts on the clever marketing at The Watercooler.

The Circus, Bath

Home working style The Circus Bath

Home working style The Circus frieze

Yesterday we both had a one-to-one training session at the Apple store in Bath, followed by a stroll in the autumn sunshine. The Circus is one of the most famous pieces of architecture in Bath and is best described as a round square, in three equal sections separated by roads. A frieze runs around the front of the houses showing Masonic symbols and other details. These were two of the simplest and easiest to capture from ground level and the timer seems to suggest that maybe the Georgians were more concerned with time management than we realise!

Bath doorway

Home working style Bath doorway
Just round the corner in Brock Street is this handsome entrance with a similar frieze round the top of the porch. No doubt you’ll be seeing plenty more Bath pictures here in future!

Gilbert the work at home dog

Home working style out with the dogs
Animals are effortlessly stylish as Gilbert, on the right, and his doggy friend Ola demonstrate. Gilbert makes sure that his home working people, Lynn and Gordon, get out of their office for regular fresh air and exercise. Their business Inside Out Buildings designs and supplies garden offices, leisure spaces and granny annexes, and you’ll be seeing more of it soon.

The illustrator

Home working style Margaret ChamberlainMargaret Chamberlain illustrates children’s books in her home studio – ‘This is me, normal studio day, no meetings, sunny weather’. Marg is one of the snappiest dressers I know and has helped me with my own home working wardrobe. (I’m sorry the photo isn’t sharper, I think it’s because we’ve reduced it in size so much).
Behind her is an illustration she did for the bestselling children’s book Pink!: What’s a penguin to think when he wakes up, about a penguin who wakes up pink.

Pink Lynne Rickards and Margaret Chamberlain

Marg’s books are recognisable for the colourful clothes and shoes the lucky characters get to wear.

Marisol models Saffron

Home working style Caradiaz jewellery
Marisol runs online jewellery store Caradiaz from home, selling unusual, chunky pieces. The Saffron necklace she’s wearing here is a bestseller.

Working InsideOut

Home working Style garden office
This is the home office of Lynn and Gordon, whose dog Gilbert is featured above. You can have one just like it from their company InsideOut Buildings!

Surrey Jelly at Chertsey

Surrey Jelly Home Working Style
Elizabeth Cairns, one of the three organisers of Surrey Jelly, sent me these pictures of the venue for the Chertsey Jelly, Foxhills Golf Club and Spa.

Home Working Style Surrey Jelly
Jelly co-organiser Hazel McLellan says ‘We’re really spoilt at Foxhills – such fabulous surroundings- the windows look out across the golf course and there’s a log fire which we’re assured is lit in winter. I’m looking forward to a wintery day at Jelly with the fire blazing away…’

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