Jellyquette – coworking code of conduct


Jelly-casual get togethers for freelancers and home workers- coworkingJelly is a relatively new idea in the UK, and I have been doing my best to spread the word. Here is a series of tweets explaining what Jelly coworking is, what happens there, how to get started and so on.

(Jelly + etiquette) just popped into my mind as a way to describe these spoonfuls of Jelly info, and it made everyone smile, so it caught on.

Jellyquette tweets

Jellyquette Don’t just sit there – start #Jelly. Anyone can start Jelly, it’s free & democratic See
(How to start your own Jelly)

Jellyquette What is #Jelly? Free, casual event for freelancers & home workers to socialise, exchange tips & get inspired

Jellyquette What to bring to #Jelly? Laptop, friendly disposition, interest in others – and maybe lunch dep’ing on venue!

Jellyquette There is such a thing as free #Jelly! Because venues don’t charge for the space http:// (How to start your own Jelly)

Jellyquette Fancy spam with your #Jelly? Yuck! Don’t hit fellow Jellyers with sales pitch during or after the event!

Jellyquette #Jelly can be held in cafes, #coworking spaces, business centres, community halls etc, as long as it’s free

Jellyquette Why would venue host #Jelly for free? Because there are many potential benefits (How to start your own Jelly)

Jellyquette Publicise #Jelly both on & offline for maximum exposure – posters, word of mouth, email & Twitter etc

Jellyquette Sign up at #Jelly Wiki to add new location & event details & add to UK Jelly resources

Jellyquette Want to publicise #Jelly in local press/radio but don’t know how? Here’s a template (Press release for Jelly)

Jellyquette Take lots of work out of organising #Jelly by creating Eventbrite account

Jellyquette #Jelly is a casual coworking event – you don’t have to be there from start to finish

Jellyquette #Jelly is primarily a social occasion, but collaboration & new projects may well come out of it

Jellyquette Leave your #Jelly venue as you found it (hopefully clean & tidy) & they’ll be pleased to have you back!

Jellyquette Keep in touch with your fellow Jellyers after #Jelly eg by connecting on Linkedin

Jellyquette Enjoy #Jelly? How about recommending your organiser on Linkedin as a thank you 😉

Jellyquette Spread the #Jelly love! Find several venues in your area so more people benefit & nobody gets tired

Jellyquette Remember what your mother told you & send a ‘thank you for having me’ email to venue after #Jelly!

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