Targus EverVu case for iPad Mini

Best kit for the home office – Targus EverVu case for iPad Mini

We all look for quality and value when we buy items for home working, but it can be difficult to tell what is a good purchase. One of our home working review panel tried out a Targus EverVu case for iPad Mini and gives their verdict.

Targus EverVu case for iPad Mini

Targus EverVu case for iPad Mini

What is it?
The Targus EverVu case for iPad Mini is a lightweight protective shell and ‘infinite viewing stand’ that fits both first generation and the Retina Display iPad Minis.

The thin polycarbonate shell is lined with a soft non-slip material which enables the EverVu to achieve pretty much any viewing angle the user could want. It also folds neatly into a convenient typing position.

Design *****
This case is spot on design-wise. Its super-thin wraparound style clothes the iPad Mini perfectly. Buttons, ports and camera remain easily accessible and there’s a handy stretchy band on one corner that can be flipped over to ensure that the case remains closed, although I find that I don’t really need to use it.

It also has automatic wake/sleep so that my iPad Mini shuts off when the cover is closed. I also like the super-smooth feel of the case.

Easy to use? ****
I am notoriously all fingers and thumbs when it comes to folding and wrapping so I was pleased to find that it really was as easy as claimed to put the Mini into any number of good viewing positions. It took me a while to work out how to flip it into the typing position but when I did finally work it out I found it comfortable to use.

I frequently watch TV on my iPad – on the sofa, in bed, etc – and I find the non-slip interior really effective for keeping the angle of view stable. It’s a big improvement on my existing case – a padded leather affair – and also reduced the weight of my handbag considerably.

Targus EverVu case for iPad Mini - sideQuality? ****
This is a well-made product with a good feel and finish. After a few days’ use I noticed that the front of the case had indentations from the rough and tumble of daily use, but my iPad Mini was well protected, so job done!

Worth the investment? *****
At £20.50 (plus postage) I think the investment is reasonable given the quality, practicality and protection the case provides. All round I was pleased with the simplicity of the design and the accuracy of the fit and this barely-there case is my new favourite.

Overall score **** 4.5

Best for
Anyone who wants a discreet, practical, lightweight case that makes their iPad Mini easy to use, anywhere. A great stocking filler for Christmas for a cool kid.

Buy your own Targus EverVu case for iPad Mini at ebuyer.com.

With thanks to ebuyer.com for supplying a sample Targus EverVu case for iPad Mini for our reviewer to try.

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