Coffee maker reviews for homeworkers – filter cone

Coffee maker reviews – best for a home working break

Coffee making is the most popular reason for home workers to take a break, and we’re often fanatical about how we make it and how we drink it. The following coffee maker reviews have been carried out by home workers with that purpose in mind.

Filter cone

Good design **

There’s really not much to say about a filter cone – it’s functional, full stop. It would be nice if they came in more interesting colours, though.

Easy to use****

Very easy – just fold and place a paper filter in the filter cone, spoon in coffee, pour hot water onto it to cover the coffee, allow to brew for a couple of minutes and then add more water to fill a mug. Or you can just tip all the water in all at once. There’s probably no difference in the taste!

Pleasant to use/nice ritual as break from home working **

Not really much of an experience or ritual here, just a quick and easy way to make a mug of coffee.

Easy to clean *****

Yes, either by hand or on the dishwasher but water tends to cling onto the ridges of the plastic so it doesn’t dry quickly. Pale coloured filters stain after a while.

Economical to use *****

Yes, a filter cone costs just a few pounds. Filter papers are also inexpensive and you can get unbleached ones. I put mine in the compost after use.

Quality of coffee **

OK, nothing special, although a home working friend tells me he likes how a filter cone holds all the coffee grounds so there are no nasty bits in the mug and he can drain it right to the bottom! I’ve read it’s worth buying a ceramic filter to get a better taste, but they cost a lot more so I won’t be rushing to do that.

Overall stars 3.3 ***

Best for

Making a quick cup when you’re alone, busy and have a hundred other things to think about. When you’re more concerned with getting the benefit of the caffeine than savouring the taste.

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