Coffee maker reviews for home workers – Aeropress

Coffee maker reviews – best for a home working break

Coffee making is the most popular reason for home workers to take a break, and we’re often fanatical about how we make it and how we drink it. The following coffee maker reviews have been carried out by home workers with that purpose in mind.

Aerorobie Aeropress, 1 – 4 cup espresso maker

Design **

A little strange at first sight, rather like a large plastic syringe without the needle – certainly not something you’re going to keep on the kitchen worktop to enjoy looking at! It comes with a funnel, coffee scoop, stirrer, pack of 350 filters and filter holder. Designed for taste, not looks.

Easy to use ***

I haven’t come across anyone who has heard of the Aeropress so you’ll need to read the instructions before use. Once you have, they are easy to follow:

Unscrew the cap from the chamber, put a filter in it and screw back on.
Stand the chamber on a ‘sturdy mug’ (I used a strong jug the first time because I was sacred of breaking a mug!).
Put one scoop of coffee per espresso shot into the chamber.
Pour hot water into the chamber up to the level of shots you require. Aeropress say 175/80 degrees for the best taste, so don’t use boiling. Apparently it takes about three quarters of the normal boiling time to get to this ideal temperature.
Stir the coffee and water for 10 sconds.
Wet the rubber seal and insert the plunger into the chamber. Gently press the plunger down to the bottom.
There’s your espresso. You can make Americano by adding hot water, latte by adding hot milk, and cappuchino by frothing and adding milk.

Pleasant to use/nice ritual as break from home working ***

If you’re someone who enjoys the scientific side of producing good food and drink you’ll love using this. Less of a pleasure for those of us who prefer good looks in our kitchen appliances. Most certainly a ritual with all the accompanying bits and pieces and highly specific timing and temperatures.

Easy to clean *****

You have to remove the cap and push the cake of used coffee grounds out with the plunger. Aeropress say you can put the parts in the tops shelf of the dishwasher if you like, but the seal on the plunger has already wiped the chamber clean, so you can just rinse away any remaining grounds.

Economical to use ****

The Aerobie Aeropress costs upwards of £25 and then there are just the filters to replace – if you have a coffee a day they’ll last nearly a year, and at time of writing cost £3.70 on Amazon for a pack of 350.

Quality of coffee *****

Espresso with a real kick, the same taste and effect you’d get from going to a cafe with properly-trained baristas.

Aeropress is much better known in the US and the box is covered with testimonials from happy users saying it makes the best coffee they’ve ever had, and much better than machines costing many times as much.

Stars overall **** 3.7

Best for

The true caffeine aficionado who wants an authentic taste. Great to wake you up in the morning or give you a shot when you’re flagging mid-afternoon. Definitely not one to be used all day! Good to show off to coffee-loving friends as it’s not yet widely known in the UK. A work from home workhorse that delivers results, shame that the overall score has to reflect its lack of prettiness!

Thank you to Aerobie for supplying us with an Aeropress for our coffee maker reviews.

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