How to keep warm

How to keep warm while working from home

Work from Home Wisdom - how to keep warmThere’s no quicker way of getting chilled to the bone than sitting motionless for long periods at a computer. That means how to keep warm while working from home is a major preoccupation for many of us in the colder months. Often we simply can’t bring ourselves to put on the central heating when we’re the only ones in the house, and anyway we probably can’t afford to any more, as utility prices continue to climb to the point where heating is almost a luxury.

And so we devise cunning ways of how to keep warm, often involving many layers of clothing starting with thermals through T shirts and jumpers, up to socks and slippers. Some home workers add hats, blankets and swear by frequent pots of tea. It has to be said that style often has to be sacrificed to function in the quest for warmth!

So what are the best ways to stay warm in the home office? Many of them rely on keeping the home worker warm, rather than attempting to heat up a cold space to the point where you can sit in it for hours and not get cold. We’ve tried out some of the obvious and some rather more unexpected methods and rated them on design, how well-made they are, practicality (whether they get in the way of your normal movements), efficiency, economy, and who and what they’re best for.

How to keep warm with:

The Slanket

Whooga sheepskin boots

The Snuglin

Turtle Doves fingerless gloves

And more reviews to come soon!

How do you get and stay warm in the winter home office? Do you go out more in the winter simply to take advantage of other people’s heating? Let us know how to keep warm while working from home in winter.