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It’s essential to have the best tools for maximum productivity when you work from home, but with so much choice it can be difficult to decide what is the right purchase. A busy home worker tested the Panasonic KX-PRW120 phone and here is his objective opinion.

Panasonic KX-PRW120

Panasonic KX-PRW120What is it?
The Panasonic KX-PRW120 has several features useful for the home business owner – it can sync with your smartphone, allowing you to pick up landline calls when you’re away from the phone so you don’t miss an important call. It can also alert you by text to new answerphone messages and be set to reject unwanted calls that might distract you from your work.

Design ****
The phone has a snazzy design, with a very modern look. The base unit is black, small and curved, with the handset resting vertically upon it to charge.

How easy is it to set up & learn to use? ****
The phone is very simple to use; I managed to set up the phone, and connect the unit with a smartphone, without the use of the instructions.

The connection of the Home Unit with two smartphones was an easy process, along with syncing contacts between all the devices. The smartphone app is clear and easy to navigate, and makes the experience almost enjoyable.

Does it do what it claims? ****
It does. Through the use of the accompanying smartphone app you can almost get away with not having to use the actual base unit for home phone calls, the system turns smartphones into secondary handsets. There is no further need for running around the house hunting for home-phone when it rings, as, if you’re like me, you’ll be carrying it in your pocket.

Quality ****
The sound quality is clear and audible. With the preset volume it was difficult to hear the other end of the conversation on the base handset, but a simple adjustment of the volume solved this.

Does it increase your productivity/ save you money, time or hassle? *****
Yes. On being away for 2 days, I was notified on my smartphone, as soon as I entered the home wifi zone, of the voice messages I had on the ‘house-phone’. In our house we’d often not know there was a message for hours, until we next used the phone, but this was an immediate notification.

Worth the investment? ****
Priced at £100, I would happily buy this phone.

Overall score **** 4.2

Best for
As a standalone unit the Panasonic KX-PRW120 is still a very slick, modern looking piece of tech that would sit nicely in most home offices, but it is the sync/app function that is definitely the best feature of this phone and turns this into a great product.

This is probably best for those who are comfortable using their smartphones, and can get the most out of its capabilities, but it would also suit those simply looking for a nicely designed home phone.

With thanks to Panasonic for supplying the sample phone to our reviewer.

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