Coffee maker reviews for home workers – Bodum Brazil cafetiere

Coffee maker reviews – best for a home working break – Bodum Brazil cafetiere

Coffee making is the most popular reason for home workers to take a break, and we’re often fanatical about how we make it and how we drink it. The following coffee maker reviews have been carried out by home workers with that purpose in mind.

Bodum Brazil 8 cup cafetiere, lime green

Design *****

I like the bright colours and modern designs of Bodum products. I was converted when my stainless steel kettle packed up in the middle of a miserable winter and I bought a bright red Bodum one, which cheered me up as well as boiling water. I don’t usually like products that have their brand name emblazoned all over them, but for some reason I don’t find this an issue with the Bodum Brazil cafetiere, perhaps because it’s in relief and just adds texture to the product.

Easy to use *****

You can’t get much easier than a cafetiere, although I did learn something new from the enclosed information leaflet – after you’ve poured in the boiling water, stir with a plastic spoon. Plastic because metal would scratch or chip the glass jug. You stir to make sure all the coffee is properly infused. I have been using a cafetiere for over 20 years without knowing that!

I was a bit shocked the first time I used the Bodum Brazil cafetiere to find that the plunger slid easily down to the bottom of the jug – no resistance as I’ve always experienced with cafetieres before, including a different Bodum model. I was expecting my coffee to be full of grounds but in fact it wasn’t at all.

Pleasant to use/nice ritual as break from home working ***

I enjoy the vibrant lime green and prefer it to my other stainless steel cafetiere.

Too straightforward to be called a ritual – spoon in coffee, pour in water, stir, plunge – but I find fits in nicely with the swift making of toast, spreading of butter, Marmite etc when my tummy’s rumbling.

Easy to clean ****

Yes, although some people might find it annoying to have to unscrew the plunger, rinse each of the three discs, then screw it back together. I fill the jug with water and empty the grounds on the flower beds outside, nice chance to get a breath of fresh air and have a look at how the plants are doing. The jug and plunger both always come out of the dishwasher sparkling clean.

Economical to buy and use ****

Yes, the Bodum Brazil cafetiere costs about £23 and all you need is ground coffee of your own choice/ price and to boil the kettle.

Quality of coffee***

Maybe not the most amazing you’ll ever taste, but perfectly good for a home working break and caffeine boost, and to give to clients and visitors.

Stars overall **** 4

Best for

You can get smaller models than this, but I don’t want to be bothered cleaning up a cafetiere just for me – for one mug I make a filter. So good if you work with someone else or you’re having a meeting. It’s always a nice break in a meeting to carry in a tray with an attractive cafetiere, plunge and pour!

With thanks to Bodum for supplying the cafetiere for our home working coffee maker reviews.

Buy the Bodum Brazil 8 cup cafetiere in lime green, red, purple and other colours guaranteed to lift your home working day.

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