Q Connect Wall Mountable Whiteboard

Reviewing kit for the home office – Q Connect Wall Mountable Whiteboard

If you’re tired of scribbling on Post-it notes that get lost, we have the answer. The Q Connect wall mountable whiteboard has enough room for all your reminders. Our reviewer gets out his screwdriver and pens.

Q Connect Wall Mountable Whiteboard

Design *****
It is a sturdy, lightweight board with aluminium edging to frame a pure white rectangle of writing space. The size (1800mm by 1200mm) allows for a good amount of space for writing project notes for home-working, while still having a more than adequate area for general family-household notes. (Some whiteboards are magnetic so you can stick notes on them. This one is not).

Easy to fix to the wall? ****
The process to fix the whiteboard to the wall is relatively simple: four fixings and a cover to hide the screws in each corner. Due to the size of this whiteboard it became a 3 person job, 2 to hold the board up and one to put the screws in. However it was a quick procedure and nothing too arduous.

Quality? *****
This is a good quality product. It is a robust and well made board, and very functional.

Worth the investment? *****
The Q Connect wall mountable whiteboard costs £56. For the size and quality of this product I believe it is well worth the money. Great value and highly recommended.

Overall score ***** 4.75

Best for
We all love using the latest gadgets for organising our lives, with app after app proclaiming to be the solution. Unfortunately it’s a simple fact that only one thing really works – having something written down in big bold letters.

This whiteboard gives you this and then some. It’s big enough to have separation for working and home life-notes and even within a week of owning it has become an essential household item. Best for everyone, everywhere.

Buy your own Q Connect Wall Mountable Whiteboard.

With thanks to ebuyer.com for supplying a sample Q Connect Wall Mountable Whiteboard for our reviewer to try.

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