About Work from Home Wisdom

Have you ever:

  • Got fed up working at home alone?
  • Felt that everyone else has it sussed and you’re the only one who struggles?
  • Wondered how other home workers organise their workspace and routine?
  • Begun to feel isolated and that the world is passing you by?
  • Wanted down-to-earth help to become more productive and make more money?

Then you’re in the right place!

Here’s how Work from Home Wisdom helps you be happier and more effective working from home

It’s become a bit of a dream to work from home, not surprisingly when you consider the time, cost and stress of travelling to work every day.

Working from home is a great lifestyle, but it comes with its own challenges.

Challenges that can take your eye off the ball and make you want to run back to the office.

On Work from Home Wisdom we cut through the waffle so you can start feeling better about yourself and how you work.

What you get on Work from Home Wisdom

Work from Home Wisdom is a thriving and growing community of home workers who want to feel part of something bigger, and to help inspire others with their own experience and expertise.

Here are the main features:

The blog – regular posts from us and from other home workers who have valuable and practical experience to share.

The galleries – a huge collection of real life workspaces sent in by readers and organised by home office type – kitchen, attic, spare room and so on. A great resource for planning or revamping your own workspace.

Jelly – information on the coworking event for home workers, freelancers and small business owners, including my unique How to Start Your Own Jelly guide – everything I learnt as a pioneer Jelly organiser in the UK so you can set up your own.

Reviews – objective reviews by our panel of home working reviewers of products and services frequently used while working from home. Coffee makers, office equipment, books and more.