Grow Your Service Firm

Grow Your Service Firm – How to Run a Successful Service-Based Business

by Robert Craven

Many home workers are running what Robert Craven calls a service firm. You could be a trainer, accountant, in HR or IT and so on, and you probably feel you could be doing much better in terms of attracting new customers, upselling to existing ones and making more profit. Often it seems like such hard work just to keep going.

The trouble is that often we are so absorbed in our own specialism that we don’t understand why our clients are coming to us and what it is we are delivering to them. Grow Your Service Firm draws you out of that navel-gazing situation so you can talk to your customers in the terms that will attract them in the first place and keep them coming back.

Robert Craven has been helping such businesses for over 20 years and presents his experience here in succinct chapters broken down into short sections that are easy to read and draw you on into the book.

Of course nothing is going to change unless you take action and in Grow Your Service Firm Craven supplies plenty of suggestions for small actions that will make a difference and encourage you to keep going.