Xenta Wireless Range Extender

Reviewing kit for the home office – Xenta Wireless Range Extender

Bad luck if you find that the best room in the house to work is the one with the worst wifi signal! But don’t despair, there are ways to extend range. Could this little gadget work for our reviewer in her bedroom on a snow day?

Here’s what she found when she tested the Xenta Wireless Range Extender:

Xenta Wireless Range ExtenderWhat is it?
This is a nice piece of tech that will extend your wifi network through your home/office/business. It boosts the wifi signal from your router to get into those really hard to reach corners of your mansion.

Design ****
Does it look good? Hmm, design is very subjective. It’s larger than my other wifi repeater but I quite like the curvy design. And it isn’t too wide so it doesn’t take up too much room on a double socket. It’s not ugly in my opinion.

To be honest, it’s going to be plugged in somewhere and probably out of sight so looks are pretty secondary to me. It has lights to indicate connection and so forth, always handy if there is a problem. It might stick out a bit too much for areas where people will brush past the wall.

Easy to use? *****
Dead easy to set up. I moved myself, the repeater and my android tablet to the room where my router is, just in case I needed to be near it. As it was I didn’t. Plugged in the wifi-repeater, found the network signal on my tablet, connected, opened a browser, followed instructions – 10 minutes tops to set up, and that included reading the instructions. Yes. I do read the flipping manual! (Well, sometimes).

I went back upstairs, I was having a work from the bedroom day because – snow! Switched on my laptop which connected to the wifi instantly and with a strong connection. My phone did the same. Full reception bars on my laptop – if the wifi repeater wasn’t plugged in I’d maybe have 2 bars at the most.

Quality? ****
White plastic with lights to indicate what’s going on. No better or worse than other wifi repeaters I have used (this is the third make I’ve used over the years). It feels solid and the plug bit attaches to the repeater in a solid fashion, clicks firmly into place.

Worth the investment? *****
Yes, if you want a better wifi signal at the far ends of your house or garden, at £30 this is a good investment. I reckon even a non-techie person would have no problems setting this up. The interface is very clear and user-friendly which is always a plus, as often gadgets like this need a geek translator to get them working.

Overall score ***** 4.5

Best for
When you need a better wifi signal in your workspace this does the job. No hassle setting up, no problems connecting my devices – fab.

Buy your own Xenta Wireless Range Extender.

With thanks to ebuyer.com for supplying a sample Xenta Wireless Range Extender for our reviewer to try.

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