Bedroom home offices

There are a number of home working maxims that are now out-of-date, and not working in your bedroom is one of them.

Catherine Raynor’s disappearing desk is a particularly imaginative addition to our collection of bedroom home offices.

Bedroom home offices

Bedroom home offices - Lisa Mcloughlin

‘I have downsized and moved from North Wales to Highgate in London. I temporarily live in a one-bedroomed rented flat which I chose because it has high bay windows and very close to nature and woodland.
I occupy two work areas within the flat, depending on what I am creating. I love to sketch and paint in my living room (first picture) and sit and ponder over art inspiring books (coffee in hand) in my tub chair.
When I work in Photoshop and on my laptop, I move to a quiet spot in my bedroom (close to the window). I crocheted a simple shawl that I can cover over my bedroom desk at night. It really helps me to switch off from my work as the work corner just disappears in all the colourful wool patches.’ 😉

Lisa McLoughlin, visual narrator for heart centred women entrepreneurs – ‘I paint the way your business feels.’

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Bedroom home offices - Brandi-Ann Uyemura

Brandi-Ann Uyemura lives in Hawaii and has two home offices. She works mainly in her living room workspace but writes fiction in her bedroom, which is a more relaxing space. Many home workers say the same thing – that they are more creative when they’re away from the desk where the admin happens.

Brandi-Ann Uyemura, features writer, copywriter and blogger specializing in small businesses, self-help, psychology and spirituality

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bedroom home offices-Catherine-Raynor‘When I decided to embark on freelance life one of my biggest concerns was my work space. I was thinking I would need to rent a desk and worrying about the cost implications of that when I stumbled across the Home Office galleries on Work from Home Wisdom. This inspired me to be a bit more creative and think about the opportunities my home presented. I don’t have a spare room but I do have a really huge bedroom.
‘I didn’t want to feel I was working in my bedroom or sleeping in my office so I thought hard about the set up. I found a really stunning glass desk and a funky grey leather office chair that worked well with my wallpaper.
‘My glass desk sits in the window so I am looking out on the world with my back to the bedroom.
‘A quick trip to Ikea to buy some shelves turned my wardrobe into a cupboard so at the end of the day I tidy everything away.
‘My discreet glass desk almost disappears into my bright pink curtains, which are drawn to signal the end of the work day and welcome back my bedroom! All for less than £350!’

Catherine Raynor, communications and media consultant,
See more photos of Catherine’s bedroom office in Who needs a separate home office?

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Lynns-bedroom-bedroom home offices

‘I am currently editing my 1st book which is called “Instant Attraction” and is based on the Law Of Attraction. My writing space is my bedroom which I share with my husband Pete. My gorgeous husband has recently decorated it for me so I might find it an even more attractive place to work. I love to come up here and type away on my laptop, plus I am far enough away from the rest of the family to not get drawn into “family issues”. Pete is extremely understanding and always encourages me in my work. The space has a lovely big window which I love to muse out of when looking for inspiration!!’

Lynn, part time writer

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bedroom home offices - Kalliopi Fountoulaki-Hanioti‘For the past two Work At Home Mammas years, I shared the main office and the desktop computer with my husband and two kids. Recently, I had the pleasure of buying myself a laptop and an IKEA desk and I moved to the kids’ bedroom, a place with a door that provides mommy some moments of privacy! My kids run and play all over the house but realize now that somebody has a “do-not-disturb” sign in their bedroom for a couple of hours per day.’

Kalliopi aka popelix, freelance electrical & computer engineer and cofounder of

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bedroom home offices - CDaveyMarketing‘I decided to abandon commuter hell in 2004 to try my hand as a freelance marketer.  I’d recently moved to Brighton from South London and downsized to a one bedroom flat. Squeezing in all of my furniture was a challenge and so was fitting in my ‘home office’. I’m lucky to have large Victorian high ceilinged rooms, and to keep my work space separate from my living space I decided to set up camp in a corner of my bedroom. Needless to say, I don’t have client meetings in my ‘office’ – there are lots of spaces in Brighton to meet clients. The space is groaning with files and papers, but I’m happy I invested in a MacBook Pro which allows me more space and is very handy when I’m working on-site – I’m literally able to take my home office with me!’

Christine Davey, Freelance Marketing Communications Services,

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bedroom home offices, Christine Taylor, Ednovean Farm‘Our home and garden is both our sanctuary and place of work, twining its way through our lives as we work through the day; chatting with our guests as we cook them their breakfast,caring for our Bed and Breakfast rooms, primping and preening our house into some sort of order before tackling the gardens that our guest so love to stroll around and relax in. A little time to spend on our social pages on the internet to catch up with old and new guests and on “sunset days” to relax with a glass of wine looking out over Mounts Bay and let our home wrap itself around us – such is life in a B&B!’

Christine Taylor, Cornish B&B proprietor,

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Bedroom Home Offices - Leda Sammarco

‘I work in the bay window of my bedroom. It looks out on to a fairly busy road, but there are some lovely trees as well. Not surprisingly, my books are a fundamental part of my home office. If I need to refer to something or want to take a break, then I reach out to the bookcase behind me. There are books on writing, ‘mind body spirit’ books, a novel or two and even some children’s books (I can see Ballet Shoes peeking out at me!). I even have books to rest my arms on whilst typing or using the mouse – they are the ultimate support!’

Leda Sammarco, writer’s coach, empowers people to write books that make a difference,

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