Xilence V15 laptop cooler

Best kit for the home office – Xilence V15 laptop cooler

One of our home working review panel was concerned about how hot her laptop was getting and was worried it might set fire to her bed! So she was pleased to try out a Xilence V15 laptop cooler and this is her verdict.

Xilence V15 laptop cooler

Xilence V15 laptop cooler

Design *****
It is a functional and simple piece of kit and when it’s attached to my black lap top it looks like it’s a part of it.

I also like that it changes the angle of my laptop which I find easier for typing. There are rubber fittings so that the laptop doesn’t slip.

It also has these sweet little pull-out things on the sides which at first I assumed are for putting your pens in. Later I read that the pull-outs are for USB cables!

Easy to use? *
I was a bit flummoxed because there were no written instructions, so of course I initially did it wrong and had been using it for days before I realised there was an on/off button for the fan! When working the fan is very quiet.

But actually it’s totally simple to use. It just has an attachment that you plug into the lap top and that’s it.

Quality? ****
It seems pretty sturdy. I can’t see how I could break it.

Worth the investment? ****
If it does prolong the life of your laptop then it is totally worth it. But anyway it has solved a problem for me as I really was concerned about how hot my laptop gets.

Overall score ***** 4.75
Well, it does what it says it does, it totally keeps my lap top cool even without having the optional fan on, so 10 out of 10.

Best for
People who use a laptop/notebook a lot. However it isn’t something I would see myself taking out with me. What would make it perfect is a way that you can fix it to the lap top when carrying it from place to place.

Buy your own laptop cooler at ebuyer.com.

With thanks to ebuyer.com for supplying a sample Xilence V15 laptop cooler for our reviewer to try.

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