Out of Office

Out of Office – work where you like & achieve more

by Chris Ward

Out of Office is a covetable little book, satisfyingly weighty, about how much more you can achieve by getting out of the traditional office and working in coffee shops and elsewhere.

A quick flick through shows it’s full of colour photographs interspersed with lists and short paragraphs, but don’t write it off as lightweight, it’s packed with ideas.

The Penny University section has some excellent book recommendations – I’d read two already and I’ve ordered another. It’s fascinating to find out how many household name businesses started life in coffee shops. You’ll also find out where to get a great cup of coffee in London, how to build a team and how to come up with great ideas.

If you’re already working from home and going out coworking then it’s preaching to the converted, but it’s still an inspiring read. I’m going to lend my review copy to the owner of our local coworking space, but make it clear I want it back!

I read it in the dentist’s waiting room and in the garden over a cuppa, and it’s only £1.50 on Kindle if you want to cart it about. Because really Out of Office should be read in a coffee shop!