Cleaning products

Cleaning products to save you time and effort

Cleaning productsWhen you work from home you don’t want to spend ages making the place look decent.

But you do want to have surroudings that are nice to work in and will pass muster if you get visitors.

So we’ve reviewed some cleaning products that do the job efficiently, with no fuss, and may even be a pleasure to use!

When I tell people who go out to work that I work from home, they often tell me that if they worked at home they would have to make sure the house was clean and tidy before they could start work.

Somehow I think that might change very quickly once they embarked on working from home! We all have to find our own balance between keeping on top of the cleaning and aming sure work is our priority.

Everyone has a different priority. For me the most irritating and depressing thing is to finish a piece of work and then find that the kitchen need s agood clean and tidy-up before I can make myself a snack.

Maybe you have a thing about a squeaky clean bathroom, hate walking on gritty carpets, or object to old newspapers left strewn around the place.

Whatever your pet peeve, it helps to have the right tools for the job so you can do a quick clean-up and get on with your work. So we’ve reviewed some cleaning products that will make your life easier throughout the house.

Do let us know if you have a favourite product you’d like to review for us. And even better if you make or supply cleaning products that are useful for home workers. We like to support home businesses with a little free PR!

Cleaning product reviews:

Cyber Clean Cleaning Compound for removing dust and dirt from keyboards, calculators, printers etc

Cyber Clean Touch Screen Cleaner