Attic home offices

Attic home offices are a good choice as you can get right away from what’s going on in the rest of the house.

And a view of the sky or into the distance is restful on the eye when you take a break from the computer.

Readers’ attic home offices:

attic home offices - Carol's sunset

‘This is my new attic office. It’s light, bright and airy and an ideal space to think and listen. For the first time ever, all my personal development books and files are together in the same place and I feel comforted to have so much wisdom surrounding me. It’s as if all the authors are supporting and encouraging me in my work. When I’m coaching I sit in my comfy chair and put my feet up. It takes my attention away from my desk and allows me to focus 100% on my client. The greatest joy of all is looking out at magnificent old trees, listening to the woodpecker and savouring spectacular sunsets.’

Carol, trainer and coach,

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Regular readers of my Facebook page will know I’m torn between posting pictures of beautiful home offices with not a paper clip out of place, and not wanting to give the impression that this is necessary, or even that desirable! This is a video that perfectly sums up exactly that dilemma – enjoy.
Yuvi Zalkow, writer,

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attic home offices - Nikalas Cook‘For me, my home office in reality is the entire house. Working as a writer, I like to move around on my laptop and work in the bedroom, kitchen and front room. I like the variety of settings, changing room often breaks a block, but it’s usually because my office is full of bikes, wheels and equipment I’m reviewing. Piles of cardboard boxes don’t make for a great working environment and often getting to my desk is a physical impossibility. My office is also my gym, housing my turbo trainer (bike mounted on a stationary frame) and a beam mounted climbing simulator.’

Nik Cook, Endurance and Adventure Sports Writer,

attic home offices - Lissa Cook's sewing room

‘I handmake vintage style Liberty print childrenswear from our home in the Peak District. My husband (adventure sports writer Nik Cook) also works from home. We’re lucky to have 3 floors with 2 decent sized bedrooms at the top – it’s psychologically good to be able to close the door at the end of the day. Mine is bursting with rolls of Liberty print fabrics, a cutting table and sewing desk. His is full of bikes and outdoor kit though he actually tends to work on his laptop downstairs with the dogs. My room does get cluttered in patterns and bolts of cloth but every few weeks I’ll have a big tidy up and restore order. Bliss!’

Lissa Cook, childrenswear designer,

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attic home offices - Ellie Swinhoe‘I built my studio at the top of my house to enable me to design and make my jewellery. It suits me down to the ground as I’m now able to have breakfast with my beautiful daughter, walk her to school, and if I’m disciplined enough I can be at my bench by 9.15. I do have distractions during the day, and as a single mum there are always chores, but having the studio at home allows me to continue working in the evening once Abi is in bed and I can work in comfort in my PJs with a mug of tea!’

Ellie Swinhoe, jewellery designer & maker,

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attic home offices - Anthony Chatfield, Great Leap Studios

‘This is my first real “office” and it shows. While certainly a work in progress, I have fun adding on pieces whenever the need arises. From the makeshift standing desk (that has done wonders for my back) to the traditional workstation, complete with recording equipment for videos and podcasts, that attic space has quickly become one of my favorites in the house. While extreme temperatures still chase me to the basement, the office now serves for at least 9 months out of the year and I have big plans for brightening things up a bit (and getting some heat up there!)’

Anthony Chatfield, content writing and marketing services,

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