Oh! Organics Vegan Lemon and Lime Lip Balm

Oh! Organics Vegan Lemon and Lime Lip Balm

Oh! Organics Vegan Lemon and Lime Lip Balm tube

Vegans can’t use most lip balms because they contain beeswax, and vegans can’t use anything made by living creatures.

So Michele of Oh! Organics researched other ingrediants to make a vegan lip balm and finally found Candelilla wax which comes from the Euphorbia bush.

Oh! Organics vegan lip balms are hand made in small batches, using natural organic ingredients that are ethically and sustainably sourced and are approved by the Vegan Society.

Very little taste, very neutral.

Texture ***
Although the product initially felt quite dry, on your lips
the formula becomes soft and creamy, applying thickly and evenly with little effort.

Fragrance ***
The lemon and lime fragrance was pleasant and very
delicate, not at all overpowering. Perhaps even slightly too delicate.

Ingredients *****
Candelilla wax, Sweet Almond Oil, Aloe Butter, Lemon & Lime essential oils. I agree with the maker’s description of the ‘refreshing smell & taste of lemon and lime essential oils’ and the soothing and moisturising qualities of the other ingrediants.

Staying power & effectiveness ****
I thought that the product was very effective at moisturizing and hydrating my lips. I am more inclined to use natural products such as this which don’t contain petroleum, as I believe that these products require less application. Indeed, the product required very little re-application, and the creamy consistency lasted several hours.

Packaging **
I like the fact that the balm is a stick, which I believe
is more hygienic than pots of lip balm which you need to apply with your fingers. However, one bugbear is that the lid and stick are enclosed in the same wrapping, and one must rip the lid off, ripping the paper wrapping in order to use the product.

While this isn’t a major problem, it would be better if the product opened more seamlessly. In my opinion there is room for improvement on the product’s packaging, which is rather plain and uninspiring.

Price & value ****
The price is reasonable for the natural ingredients and quality of the balm.

Overall score 3.5 ***

Best for
The product is great in that it is an ethical product made from natural ingredients, so would be perfect for people who aim to use natural products like myself. The balm is effective and would be ideal for those with dry to very dry lips.

Thank you to Michele of Oh! Organics for sending a sample to our reviewer.

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