Studio by Sally Coulthard

Studio by Sally Coulthard

Studio – creative spaces for creative people

by Sally Coulthard

The home office galleries have always been some of our most popular pages, and we all know the importance of having somewhere to work that’s comfortable and inspiring.

And as the author of this book says in the introduction ‘ …the more of yourself you put into the space, the more your studio will feed your creative drive.’

Studio by Sally Coulthard is a weighty hardback, crammed full of beautiful colour photographs of workspaces around the world, which shows you just how to put yourself into the place you work.

Each chapter is illustrated with examples of a huge range of studios – in living rooms, spare rooms, basements, a shepherd’s hut, warehouse, shed, garage, a husband and wife shared workspace (see below).

Part One looks at Studio Inspirations, styles such as Bright, Natural, and Industrial.

Part Two is categorised by the type of work carried out in the featured studios. Naturally I immediately turned to the section on Writing, Blogging and Photography. Others include crafts and illustration. Even if you’re not planning a new workspace it’s fascinating to see where and how others work.

Part Three looks at the process of creating your ideal studio, from planning the space to choosing suitable furniture, lighting and storage, and including pinboards, screens and drying spaces, which I’ve never seen covered anywhere else.

The directory at the back of the book suggests stockists in the UK, US and Australia where you can find the pieces in your chosen style to give your workspace a personal touch.

Studio by Sally Coulthard is a lovely book to have to hand for inspiration when setting up or improving your home office, and for some browsing when you’re taking a break or feeling stuck. An ideal gift for a home worker.

Studio by Sally Coulthard - Sarah Vickers' space