Connecting Jelly events with a Jellymoment

Jelly – what’s a Jellymoment?

Jellymoment came out of the blue when I discovered there were three Jelly events taking place on the same day in May 2010, including the one I organised in Frome, Somerset.

Since the point of Jellys are to put small business owners and freelancers in touch with each other, I began to wonder if there was a way to connect the three events in Cardiff, Coalport and Frome.

Once again it was my clever partner Andy who came up with the solution, just as he also thought of the concept of Jellyquette. He suggested we have a #jellymoment at a planned time during the day, when all the Jelly attendees could connect with each other on Twitter using the hastag.

#jellymoment trending, not bad for something invented yesterd... on Twitpic

So the three organisers decided the #jellymoment would take place between 12 and 1 pm, and they let everyone know. Nobody could have been more amazed than we were when we realised that we were trending 3rd in the UK!

Lots of other people joined in as well as those attending the three events. (Including some who obviously had no idea what it was all about!) But that’s the great thing about Twitter – you just never know where your information might end up!

If you’re an organiser you might like to check the Jelly Wiki to see if any other events are happening in your local region or elsewhere in the UK. Or taking time differences into account, why not see if you can set up a global #jellymoment?

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