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VAs – have your cake and eat it with Worldwide101

VAs - have your cake and eat it with Worldwide101Sandra Lewis of Worldwide101 is looking for skilled VAs.

Professionals who want fulfilling work they can do at home alongside a busy personal life.

Is that you or someone you know?

In today’s sponsored post Sandra explains how Worldwide101 was born, and how you can become part of it:

Five years ago, I had just moved back to my home country France, after having worked abroad for many years. Everything was different, and I found myself a bit reluctant to jump back into corporate life.

At each stage in our lives, we have different priorities: building a career, climbing the fame ladder, making lots of money, professional accolades, marriage, family, time with our children and loved ones, learning to dance, writing a book, planting a garden… you name it! I began to reflect on my priorities.

As I reflected, I realized that what was most important to me was to have more flexibility to be with my family, my dogs, to enjoy the countryside where I live. I found myself asking the same question over and over: why does it have to be an either/or? Why can’t I focus on the priorities that matter most to me and be successful and have a fulfilling career? The answer took some time to arrive at: I could. And if the right opportunity didn’t exist, perhaps that was because I hadn’t created it.

Worldwide101 was born.

When I started Worldwide101, I did so with one goal in mind – to carve out a way for highly skilled VAs who want to work from home to do work that is rewarding and innovative. And most importantly that fits with our life goals as opposed to pulling us away from the things that are important to us.

Our conversations in the early days revolved around the fact that as accomplished professionals still eager to engage in rewarding and meaningful work, we didn’t feel we should have to compromise. Why should we be constantly torn between competing priorities? Most of us had ‘been there, done that’ and were now at a stage in our lives where our perspective had evolved and played a big part in our decision-making.

Worldwide101’s mission and vision is shaped by these questions and these ideals. Our philosophy is that it is possible to have rewarding work and to have the flexibility to organize around our priorities. We believe that it is possible to have it all — whatever that means to you. And while we adhere to our own set of policies and procedures and take our work very seriously—we also live our lives.

Our team of VAs is made up of professionals with varied interests and hobbies, all pursuing what they love while also making a huge contribution to their clients’ businesses. They are powered by enthusiasm and a community willing to work hard to retain the quality of life they’ve chosen for themselves.

We are seeing the start of the most significant economic movement since the Industrial Revolution. With the tools available today, work is redefined. Work is no longer a place, it’s an aspect of our lives that’s woven into our lives.

At Worldwide101, our team has complete control over their schedules, the number of hours they want to work, and their work environment. Team members also choose the clients and businesses they support.

Our goal is to connect businesses looking for outstanding and long-term support with professional VAs who are passionate about delivering consistent, quality results.

As Worldwide101’s reputation has grown, so has the demand for skilled VAs to become team members.

Are you ready to be part of the next revolution? Are you ready to design a professional life that speaks to who you are and what your priorities are? I’d love for our team to show you just how far one leap of faith can take you.

We want to meet you — so let’s make that happen.

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Sandra Lewis is the Founder and Director of Worldwide101, a virtual assistant company with team members located in the UK, and throughout Europe. During her career, Sandra has worked as operations manager for companies such as Regus and BuroServices, with a focus on supporting small businesses to be effective as they scale.

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  1. Liz says:

    Yes, yes! That’s exactly what motivated me to set up my business(es) and what still motivates me today. And I absolutely love this phrase: “Work is no longer a place, it’s an aspect of our lives that’s woven into our lives.” Very, very true. Thanks for a great article about an interesting company, that’s reminded me why I do what I do.

    • It’s good to be reminded, isn’t it? And when you’ve been working from home for a while, difficult to imagine coping with all life’s demands when you don’t have that freedom!

  2. Phil says:

    I’m trying hard to forge my own path to work from home, I’m glad I found this site and will spend some time working through your posts.

    I think it’s hard to find the line between doing everything yourself, and investing in using VA’s. I really need to find the line between paying off, or taking up extra time.