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Work from Home Wisdom in the press in 2013

Work from Home Wisdom in the pressAt the end of every year I do a home office detox.

I clear out my files and get rid of old paperwork.

I also go through my old diary and write down all the places I’ve been, the events I’ve attended and the people I’ve met.

We home workers are always working towards the next goal and it’s easy to overlook how far you’ve come since last year. I’m always amazed by how many good and positive things have happened.

For example here are some of the places you could find

Work from Home Wisdom in the press during 2013:

1. Freelance Advisor – we were very honoured to be one of the five freelancer mailing lists you need to subscribe to right now.

(If you’re not already on our list, you can sign up in the box on the right).

2. Lisa Cherry, Birds on the Blog – 50 Women In Business You MUST Follow on Twitter!

Twitter is my favourite social media platform by far so it was a lovely surprise to be featured in Lisa’s list and acquire lots of new followers.

3. Anywhere Working – I was invited to ride around central London on Anywhere Working’s ultimate mobile meeting room – a pedibus. Lots of hard pedalling required to inch our way along the streets while holding up the traffic and attracting catcalls!

4. Women Unlimited’s Micro Entrepreneur Hangout: The challenges of working from home– a good chat with Julie Hall and colour consultant Karen Haller on topics including creating a workspace at home, dealing with distractions from family and developing your own routine.

5. The Guardian – I wrote four articles for The Guardian Home Business Hub, starting with Jelly for small business.

My piece about not getting distracted made the paper’s home page, and I described how I’d got Work from Home Wisdom in the press and how you can do it for your business too.

Then I covered the challenge of avoiding isolation when you spend a lot of time working alone, and how other small businesses had been involved with The Guardian.

And why I believe it’s not necessary to have a separate home office to work from home successfully.

6. Marie ClaireWorking From Home? 5 Simple Tips That Will Stop You Going Insane A short piece on the popular magazine’s website.

Have you looked back over your year? What were your highlights? And what would you like to achieve this year?

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