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Anywhere Working Mobile Meeting Room

Pushing the limits of anywhere working!

Hard to believe that just two weeks ago at this time I was pedalling hard around the streets of London on the Anywhere Working Mobile Meeting Room, also known as a pedibus! Not my usual Friday morning routine by a long chalk.

The pedibus trip, which caused much hilarity and picture-taking among passers-by, was part of Anywhere Working Be the Start Month, a campaign to raise awareness around sustainable living. Six expert flexible workers were challenged to push the limits of flexible working by discussing flexible working on board the ultimate mobile meeting place.

It was a cold, rainy day, but thankfully the trip began outside a coffee shop where we had all stoked up with hot, strong caffeine, and a handy table runs around the inside of the pedibus to hold much-needed refreshments.

I think all my fellow flexible workers would agree we were pushed to the limit! I’d never noticed the inclines on London streets before, or realised just how hard you have to pedal to propel a pedibus along at snail’s pace. We managed to creep over Westminster Bridge only with much standing on the pedals.

As we winced at the proximity of lorries and buses and tried not to notice the heckling of the public, our Anywhere Working hosts led a discussion on subjects such as where the office will be in the future, how the traditional office will change, how home working fits into the picture, and the role of technology in flexible working.

My fellow pedallers were Graham Allcott of Think Productive, Reuben Milne of Spark Creativity, Jonathan Chamberlain, employment lawyer with Wragge & Co, Craig Barrack of Carbon Heroes and Ben Matthews of FutureGov. Oddly enough there was unanimous agreement amongst us that the pedibus is unlikely to take off as the office of the future.

But another round of coffees and a lively – stationary – discussion back in the coffee shop restored our spirits and legs. Thanks, Anywhere Working, and the flexible working team, for a fun and thought-provoking meeting. It was a miracle I was able to walk the next day.

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