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National press coverage for your small business

Small business in The Guardian

National press coverage for your small businessI had a very pleasant surprise yesterday – my latest article for The Guardian, on the distractions of working from home, appeared on the website home page as well as the small business page it was written for!

I surf newspaper websites every day looking for interesting articles and pictures to tweet to my followers, so when I discovered The Guardian’s Home Business Hub, part of the Small Business Network, I joined up in order to receive regular emails with the latest content.

The editor, Alison Margiotta, is looking for home and small business owners to share their expertise and provides her email address on the emails, so I got in touch. I wrote my first piece on the advantages of Jelly for small business.

But it’s not just about me! If you run an innovative home business, you have till the end of the week to enter the Small Business Showcase. All you have to do is write up to 250 words about what makes makes your home business particularly innovative or unusual, and you’ll have the chance of getting national coverage for your business.

You may already know I welcome photos of your home workspace for my Home Offices Galleries, and yesterday I posted the second in our new series Through the Home Office Keyhole. Take a look at the photo – who do you think works in a place like that?

The Small Business Network is looking for photos of wacky workplaces, so if
you don’t feel you qualify as an innovative business, you’re not out of the running – ‘Do you email in the bath or close deals defrosting the fridge? We want to know what crazy places you use for working at home. Send us your photos and inspire others to walk on the wild side’.

Let me know if you have an article published, so I can spread the word among the Work from Home Wisdom community. Oh, and keep sending us those photos, wacky or not!

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  1. Tony Nguyen says:

    Well done, Judy! I also think that distraction is the biggest issue for freelancers. If we can’t avoid it, we can’t go anywhere.

    I have my own experience for this:
    #1. Use to-do list app such as Wunderlist to note down all necessary tasks
    #2. Use GetThingsDone method, such as Pomodoro app to boost the motivation.

  2. Cat Yaffe says:

    So glad I found your site! I am currently writing an article for the Guardian and had emails with Alison yesterday. I LOVE your site and have bookmarked it to peruse later. I’m also having a garden office built for me to work from so I will send pictures when it’s all up & running. Thanks again, Cat.

    • Very glad to be found, Cat! The home office galleries are some of the most popular pages – we home workers have an insatiable curiosity about how other people work! So please do keep in touch and share your pictures, and let us know when your article is published 🙂

  3. Greg says:

    Thank you so so much for the shoutout in the article Judy, truly appreciated. Great article as always. #legend