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Great PR for your small business

Getting your small business noticed

Archie Workman - Guardian Small Business Network Wacky WorkplacesMy latest article for The Guardian Small Business Network went live yesterday, and is on the ever-recurring subject of how to avoid feeling isolated when you work from home.

I’ve worked from home for well over 20 years now (I’ve stopped counting because I don’t really believe I can be old enough!) and I still occasionally fall into the trap of not getting out enough.

When you have a tendency to introversion, and are happy with your own company, it’s easy to keep on keeping on without much external stimulation, until you find yourself grinding to a halt for no apparent reason. Because, of course, it’s much easier for me to advise other people on what to do than to apply that hard-earned wisdom to myself!

The last time I wrote about being published by The Guardian I pointed out some ways that you too can get some national press coverage for your home business. Since then, some Work from Home Wisdom contributors have been featured in various ways.

Judy Mansfield, an independent celebrant who has shared the contents of her bag for a wedding ceremony, has taken part as an expert on the live Q&A on setting up a business in the wedding industry. Her comment about gay weddings has been chosen by Guardian staff as one of only three valuable contributions that you can still see on the website.

Archie Workman, who takes his small business clients on board his narrowboat the Whyayeman to give them a different perspective on their business, has been featured in the Wacky Workplaces gallery.

And Francesca Geens, who has written numerous guest posts for us on technology for the home business, entered the Marketing and PR Excellence Small Business Showcase with a piece describing her free 43 page ebook.

I’m often asked by other home business owners how they can write for The Guardian too. My suggestion is that you do what I did and join the Small Business Network to receive emails with the latest articles and events. At the bottom of the email you’ll see an invitation to contact Alison Margiotta, the editor, if you’d like to contribute. It really is that easy!

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  1. Great advice Judy. Getting some well earned PR for your small business doesn’t have to be expensive or hard. This seems like the perfect place to start for anyone looking to expand their exposure.

    • It’s so easy! After years of scouring newspapers and websites for the right journalists to contact and then trying to get email addresses, this is child’s play!